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This Residential Property In The South Perfectly Marries Nature And Innovative Architecture

We often talk about Going Green, of converting our lifestyle into one that’s more in tune with the environment and nature, of shrugging off the shackles of artifice that modern living is beset by. But we also characterize such a move with turning our backs on technology and comfort when, in fact, it isn’t necessarily an either/or proposition. Modern design and innovative architecture have made such advances that it is possible to marry the two concepts of green and modernity. Filigree’s Botanika Nature Residences at Filinvest City Alabang is living (and standing) proof of this seamless possibility.


Host Issa Litton interviewing Armando Casibang and Andy Locsin - Botanika’s Landscape and Building Architect, respectively


The Pool Area at Botanika Nature Residences


The view of the lobby


The Botanika Playground


Andy Locsin of LV Locsin Partners, Botanika’s architect on record, spoke about the collaboration with another firm, and how this "marriage" was turned into a reality. Botanika’s Tower One was delivered to its homeowners on schedule, and standing behind the Palms Country Club, it's a low density architectural marvel, just thirteen floors and eight units per floor. Airy beyond belief, utilizing amd maximizing the natural light, the guests were amazed by how the design of the Tower turned the ground floor area into a gusty, fresh air haven. The curvature of the design also meant that disappearing points had been created, such that despite the eventual density when Tower Two and Three rise, you can see the Towers, but you don’t look into the balconies and windows of your neighbors. Andy described the effect akin to living in your own semi-detached units as opposed to apartment blocks.


Filigree’s Kate Ilagan receiving Botanika’s 3 Star BERDE certification from the Green Council


A three-star BERDE certification handed to Filigree’s Ms. Kate Ilagan was proof positive of how the design elements of Botanika had taken both energy conservation and communing with nature seriously, without compromising on luxury, comfort, and a high standard of amenities. Beyond the whimsically designed Playground, there’s a two-tiered Pool area that turns the Residences into a veritable Resort, with an infinity pool that looks down on a grove of trees and greenery that stand just across the Botanika entrance. Thanks to the excellent work of Armando Casibang of AECOM, the landscape architectural firm, you really have to blink and realize that you’re not in some forest reserve but in the heart of Filinvest City Alabang. Palms Country Club and Palm Pointe Village are just a stone’s throw away, and the popular Filinvest Bike trail beckons.


Here in the New South, Botanika Nature Residences doesn’t just ‘talk the talk’; they’ve harnessed the talent and creativity of the likes of building architect Andy Locsin, and landscape architectural firm AECOM, in order to make platitudes about being green more than just some pipe dream or lip service. It may still be a work in progress, but in more ways than one, Botanika Nature Residences is living up to its name.