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7 Tile Designs To Consider For Your Next Home Makeover Project

Homeowners take time and effort in thinking and planning for their desired home designs. The transformation of your home depends on the themes, style, colors, and accents that will be put together. Aside from these, they must also select the right tiles that will complement the overall look of their homes.

Tiles help create a dimensional and stunning look in your spaces whether it be your kitchen, bathroom, living area, or bedroom. Tiles make your home's interiors totally unique and beautiful. With a wide selection of tiles, Wilcon Depot, the Philippines' trusted brand in retail construction industry, introduces the most exquisite tile ideas that can give the home more statement .



These Portuguese ceramic azulejos and Moroccan-inspired patchwork designs will surely give your home a stylishly eclectic feel with their intricate designs.






Who says the floral theme only suits women? These beautiful floral tile designs can create a relaxing and blissful mood that would give each and everyone a sense of peace and calm.



Glass mosaic

Ideal for and usually applied in bathrooms, these glass mosaic tiles truly reflect luxury and grandeur. Instead of the usual plain tiles, why not add these tiles to take your home from ordinary to extraordinary?! 








These jigzaw-like patterned tiles offer a whole new twist to one's home. Use these for an out-of-the-box accent for your walls, without compromising quality and sophistication. 

?Stone cladding

This clean and polished pattern of tiles brings a clearer and wider area. When your rooms are tiled with lighter tones, it creates an illusion of a large space. These may also be used in your kitchen and bedroom to replace the old, traditional, and common sighting of a plain wall.



Subway tiles

These tiles are rectangular, brick-like, usually polished ceramic tiles that bring life and modernity to every corner and space. Use this plain and luxurious palette for an embossed look and impression of sophistication. 




Wooden plank flooring

A wooden accent brings a natural look that makes a space exude an earthy and rustic vibe. If used as a flooring, this would not only create such plain ambiance but could stand through time for its qualities of value, durability, and versatility.



Create an instantly stylish and sensational look in your home with Wilcon's variety of tile products to choose from. Italian tile brands Novabell, Energie Ker, Gardenia, Leonardo and Naxos alongside with Spanish tile brands Alcalagres, Grespania, Rocersa, Cifre, Emigres, Keros and Tesany are made available in the Tile studio inside their stores together with Asian tile brands Arte, Sol, Lola, Huanqiu, Verona, Picasso Mosaic, Roman, Mulia, Kia and Basel.


So whenever you want to start beautifying your homes, visit any Wilcon stores nationwide and explore Wilcon's exceptional and classy collection of tiles. For more information about Wilcon, log on to You can also follow them at their social media accounts at Facebook and Instagram