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You Can Now DIY Your Very Own Tiny Home Through Amazon

Online shopping has become an essential part of many people's lifestyle, primarily because it's so convenient and can save one a lot of time. This has been proven yet again with the tiny home kits that are currently selling like hotcakes on popular e-commerce platform Amazon. The prefabricated houses come with special instructions that guide the buyers in building their own homes and perking up their areas. 

One small studio-style cabin kit called the Allwood Solvalla was reportedly sold out shortly after a post on it on Amazon went viral. The $7,250, 172-sq.ft. studio cabin is marketed as a backyard guest house with a bedroom and an outdoor covered deck. The best thing about it? It can be built in just eight hours! And hey, the latest news is that this is now back in stock!


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 172-sq.ft. Allwood Studio-Style Cabin Kit - Solvalla


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Here are some small yet lovely cabins that we found (and loved!) on Amazon:


Made out of solid wood, this 113-sq.ft. house that's bathed in warm natural lighting undoubtedly makes a good haven for relaxation and reflection at your backyard.


113 SQF Allwood Cabin Kit - Lillevilla Escape



This 209-sq. ft. tiny home made of wood planks is spacious enough for a couple and has a charming, cozy vibe.


209-sq.ft. Allwood Cabin Kit - Claudia



This quirky tiny home would be perfect for a garden. Imagine entertaining guests here and bonding over some afternoon coffee or tea and pastries.


117 sq.ft. Garden House Cabin Kit - Mayflower



This 725-sq.ft. kit is a homey country-style cabin that's made with handcrafted timber frame. A small family would love to call this home.


725 sq.ft. Timber Frame Cabin Kit



This tiny house on wheels is designed for traveling, so it comes complete with a living area that doubles as a dining space, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom. It's incredible how all these fit into such a limited square footage!


Tiny house on wheels


Photos from Amazon