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3 Easy-To-Do Tricks To Keep Your Home Cool In This Hot Weather

In the summertime, family picnics, beach trips, and even field games are common activities. However, extreme exposure to the sun can be risky, so more and more people are opting to stay at home on hot days. But even time spent at home can be uncomfortable especially in a tropical country like ours; the hot temperature can cause dehydration, stress, and even heat stroke.

Here are tips to keep your home cool and make your stay indoor more comfortable during this season:


1. Change your bedsheets, and put some curtains.

When summer comes around, you need to replace your thick beddings with something lighter. Palettes of cool whites and soft blues exude a summer vibe; they're like a breath of fresh air in the room. To maintain a refreshing feeling within your home, install curtains to protect you and your family from the intense heat of the sun.




2. Use energy-efficient bulbs.

To keep your rooms cooler during summer months, consider using energy-efficient bulbs. Refrain from using incandescent bulbs because they generate 90% more heat than their LED light counterparts. Switching to LED lights does not just give optimum lighting for your spaces, they also help you save on energy cost. To help you create an impressive illumination for your home, Wilcon Depot introduces its own product line, Alphalux lighting solutions brand. Alphalux LED bulbs come in a variety of wattages, and has 15,000 hours life expectancy. Alphalux also offers dimmable lights and changing color bulbs. It also gives a competitive price range that is 10% cheaper than other existing brands. This summer season, go for lighting without limits and enjoy brighter savings with Alphalux.


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3. Upgrade your ceiling fans.

Aircons and fans are our best friends during the summer season. As the temperature rises, there is a need for a cooling system that can protect us from heat exhaustion. If you're encountering imbalanced air distribution in your household, MacroAir is the solution for you. With MacroAir, a pioneer in the High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) fan industry that was finally brought to the Philippines, you can increase your family's comfort level while saving energy through the brand's products. HVLS technology is based on the principle that moving air slowly is far more efficient than moving air quickly.

Since MacroAir HVLS fans spin at a lower rate, it uses less energy, making these cost-effective ceiling fans perfect for every household. With its 50,000 hours life span and zero-maintenance cost, it truly is an investment because of its quality. A sleek-looking fan that is also lighter and has fewer parts, it's quiet and easy to install, making it a great choice especially for summer.


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Now, you need not worry about summer heat ruining your staycations at home. These simple tips will surely be of help in keeping your home cool and beating the heat in a sustainable way.

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