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Toshiba Appliances Are Back In The Philippine Market—Here Are Their Top 4 Products

For a number of today’s homeowners, when it’s time to look for home appliances, it’s all about finding that trusted brand that provides lifestyle solutions, and helps make the juggling between the professional and personal aspects of one’s life that much smoother and efficient.

Whether it’s a young professional, two individuals embarking on their starter family, or the married couple with one or two children, it’s inevitable that the names with brand equity and history will appeal to their more discerning minds and tastes. And for the mid-priced-conscious consumers, they’ll be happy to hear that thanks to Concepcion Midea, the appliances carrying the history-rich Toshiba name are back in the Philippine market.


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The executives of Concepcion Midea and Toshiba with their sake toast, celebrating the re-entry of Toshiba appliances in the Philippine market.


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Toshiba was founded in 1939 as Tokyo Shibaura Denki, a merger of Shibaura Seisaku-Sho which can trace its roots back to 1875, and Tokyo Denki (established in 1890). Toshiba has, throughout its history, stood for innovation and being "In Touch with Tomorrow." And if here in the Philippines, our familiarity with the brand may stem more from personal computers, office equipment, and consumer electronics, it should come as no surprise to find that the home appliances bearing the Toshiba brand are just as dependable and innovative. 


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The traditional breaking of the sake barrel


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Chalk this up to the Takumi spirit that forms part of Toshiba’s core values and brand equity. Takumi refers to that distinct Japanese pride in their craftsmanship, the drive for precision and perfection, and its part of the legacy that any Toshiba product is imbued with. It’s how Toshiba has maintained a keen eye on the quality and reliability of their products, and why they’re constantly finding ways to make their appliances more relevant to their consumers.


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Gina and Raffy Hechanova with Chef Margarita Fores, who prepared very special Japanese buffet stations


Some of the hero products of this year’s lineups showcase this Takumi spirit and how Toshiba may just be the wise choice to consider:


  • Their 3-System Inverter Refrigerator has a Convert Zone which can either be a chiller or a freezer depending on your needs at that particular time. So, you essentially have flexibility in terms of how the fridge is being utilized, expanding or contracting the available space according to what you require. And since it’s using Inverter technology, the running cost of electricity is kept to a minimum. 



  • The T-07 Series of Front Loaded Washing Machines have a wash and dry time of only 45 minutes. And with the "Same Load" feature, your 8 kg. wash capacity is equal to the 8 kg. dry capacity, saving you precious time as you don’t have to load the dryer twice.



  • The Toshiba Water Dispensers are great for the home and office. The fast heating feature works in less than 10 minutes, and the extra cold water can be achieved in less than an hour. It’s energy-efficient with a cost of only P2.33 per day, operating for 10 hours in the day.



  • The Mini Dishwashing Machine is perfect for condos and those living independently. This saves one from the hassle of using the regular dishwashing machine, where you’re wasting so much space, water and electricity, or utilizing the machine only after so many days and the dishes have piled up. The vacuum cleaner has great design lines, and at a fraction of the cost of products from other brands. 



All in all, the launch was a potent reminder of what Toshiba stands for, and how it’s great to have them back, properly distributed and represented by a company that means business and knows how to cover warranties and provide excellent service and parts.


Photographs courtesy of Toshiba and by Philip Cu-Unjieng