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Transform Your Bathroom With These Stylish And Innovative Accessories From Pozzi


Elegance has no price, nor limit.

When it comes to transforming your bathroom, one of the simplest ways to revamp it from being ordinary to fancy is by introducing a few decorative elements.

And so, Wilcon Depot, the country's leader in construction and home improvement products, waddles through their wide array of superior quality products and presents you one of their premium house brands for sanitaryware, the Pozzi Bathroom Solutions.



Pozzi aims to provide encompassing selections, reasonably priced, and water-saving features in their bathroom equipment. So if you are looking for the best combination of bathroom fixtures, you may want to consider the comfort picks below.



1. Samara Lavatory with pedestal / 2. Juno Wash basin type lavatory / 3. Colin Wall hung type lavatory / 4. Giovanni Over counter lavatory / 5. Antiva Urinal / 6. Jaru Urinal / 7. Ratikon 1-pc watercloset / 8. Grinnel 2 pc watercloset / 9. Pozzi Shower head


1. Try out their one-piece or two-piece water closet.

Before considering a partial or a full-blown bathroom makeover, one must mull over if a certain classification of a toilet bowl falls under one's preferred standard of quality, function, and/or design. Fortunately, what brings these two types of water closet together is that they share the same positive characteristics like same flushing power and efficiency, while only a few factors differentiate them from each other.

Whereas two-piece or coupled toilets are the most common design found in households nowadays as they are less expensive and usually have a taller tank than a one-piece toilet—on the other hand, despite the latter's costly trait, it has a smoother and sleeker appearance, flexible to varying bathroom sizes, and largely contributes to the productivity rate of the user with its easier-to-clean-and-maintain feature.

To provide you with beauty-embedded and hassle-free experience while performing your private bathroom rituals, check out Pozzi's vast collection of one-piece and two-piece toilets. To give you a sample of which, Pozzi's Ratikon one-piece round toilet bowl comes with R&T Tank fittings and 3/4.5 liters water-saving feature; while Pozzi's Grinnel two-piece elongated toilet bowl comes with GEBERIT Tank Fittings and 3/6 liters water-saving feature, with both types armed with soft close seat and cover and dual and Siphonic flush. Pozzi gives you plenty of choices to choose from that are intricately crafted and carefully designed for your every privy need.


2. Flush valve toilets and urinals might come in handy, too.

Although these types of water closets are oftenly spotted at commercial buildings or establishments, why not consider these toilet equipment as "cool" and "trendy" alternatives and/or additions to your bathroom space? Not only do they provide water-efficient and great water-saving features, but also guarantee superior hygienic characteristics. Feeling convinced yet? Consider Pozzi's Jaru RF round or Luca EL elongated for flush valve toilets with regular seat and cover and Siphonic flush for both; and Pozzi's urinals that come in various styles–Antiva, Stuart, Cascade or Stan.



3. Check out their lavatories and faucets.

A bathroom can't perform at its fullest potential without a lavatory or a wash basin. As we all know, this is where all our wastes are dispensed after brushing our teeth, washing our hands and/or face, and everything else in between. Needless to say, Pozzi's wash basins are user- and environment-friendly as they come with different styles and designs, carefully engineered for your maximum use and personal preference of desired aesthetic and function. Choose whether Pozzi's vessel, counter type, under counter, wall hung, half-pedestal or pedestal type of basin partnered by Pozzi's sensor-powered, wall-mounted, or cold line type of faucet best suits your fashion and taste.


4. Don't forget their shower heads and/or enclosures!

Shower time should provide you relaxation, and not head-scratching and mind-boggling trouble. Several people tend and/or choose to dismiss the advantages of having a refreshing shower due to either budget constraints or surging utility bills–but that is exactly the reason why you need to invest in quality shower pieces because modernized items are today's unsung heroes when it comes to quality, functionality, and durability.

So if you're up for this exquisite experience, Pozzi readily offers you its wide selection of shower heads, like the Single Shower Faucet, Cold line Set, or Three-Function Telephone Hand Shower; and enclosures like A6 (Dec-A11) Single Slide Left or Right Sliding Shower, A6 (Clear) Single Slide Left or Right Sliding Shower, Diamond, Square, or Full Arc type of enclosures; which all come in different shapes and sizes that would definitely meet your desired superior shower experience.


5. Hold on to their "holders" and other bathroom ornaments.

A cluttered bathroom space is a nuisance to the eye. Put everything in order–your hair products, dental toothbrushes, tissue rolls, towels, and other bathroom essentials–through Pozzi's multiple bathroom accessories: soap holder, dish, and basket; tissue holder; tumbler holder; towel ring; single and double towel bar; glass shelf; single and double robe hook; utility corner shelf; and cosmetic and glass mirrors.

Except from the latter, everything comes in zinc and stainless steel materials, too! Adorn your bathroom now by doing a mix-and-match of these useful and decorative bathroom accessories for your ultimate comfort room delight and satisfaction.



Taking care of yourself through utilizing quality bathroom accessories is a great investment. You will be surprised by how far can you go in life through these stylish and economical sanitaryware. Surely, Wilcon Depot got everything you need as they relentlessly build big ideas!


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