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Two Experts Share Their Stylish And Practical Condo-Perfect Tips And Hacks

We may be more than halfway through 2018, but really, when it comes to home improvements or makeovers—be it minor or major—we know no season. After all, coming home to a beautiful, cozy, well organized, and happy place is something we should look forward to every single day; it's a mood boster that never goes out of style.

And with the "ber" months fast approaching, you may especially feel the need to redesign or make a few tweaks to your home now in preparation for the holiday season. This is where the #SMHappyHome sale comes at a perfect timing. Whether you need to add storage pieces to organize your living room, grab a new set of pots and pans that will be useful for the intimate parties you plan to host, or simply replace your old bedsheets and towels, SM Home will cater to your shopping requirements with a special 20% discount on furniture and home accessories from select brands. This promo, which started last July 27, will last until September 2.

To introduce this sale, SM Home came up with an exhibit and pop-up store at the concourse area of SM Makati, which put on display three condo-inspired vignettes of a living room, dining room and kitchen, and bedroom. Altogether, they make up a space or layout similar to a standard studio unit. This exhibit will run until August 9.


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Interior designer Nikki Audine, the expert behind the vignettes at the exhibit, made use of SM Home's Scandinavian-inspired pieces to achieve a minimalist space that still exuded a lot of character. "Every time I design, I put one similar color for every room. As my rule of thumb, kailangan may isang color na makikita mo s'ya per area," Nikki shares. In this case, she incorporated gray in all the areas, to tie them all in visually while giving each area a distinct look at the same time.   


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Apart from this area, SM Home at the 5th floor of SM Makati also offers clients more vignettes to not just serve as their interior inspiration but actually allow them to recreate certain spaces in their own homes. "They can get decorating ideas on how they can mix and match things. And if they walk around, they'll also see that we have some #HappyHomeTips displayed, just some ideas and things to consider when they are decorating their spaces," says SM Home's AVP for Marketing, Tom Castañeda.






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During SM Home's Happy Home Sale Housewarming Party, Metro.Style got to chat with SM Home's AVP for Marketing, Tom Castañeda, and interior designer Nikki Audine, who both shared their condo-perfect styling tips and hacks. These two experts' message is to basically...


Shop smart and maximize your spaces by going for dual purpose or multi-functional pieces.


SM Home's AVP for Marketing, Tom Castañeda, and interior designer Nikki Audine | Photo by Grace Libero-Cruz



Tom's Tips: 

"It's important that you have pieces of furniture that are dual purpose, especially as spaces get smaller and smaller in Metro Manila, you need to figure out where to put your things. Unless you're a KonMari (Marie Kondo's Japanese art of decluttering and organizing) fan and you can purge and get rid of everything and de-clutter, what you really need to do is find pieces that can serve more function.

Imagine getting an ottoman with a lid, so you can store things inside it. Imagine a bed with drawers if you don't have a room for a dresser. Imagine a good coffee table that you can actually open up to use as a storage, or some of them lift up and become a desk. A good bookshelf is another secret especially when you live in a condo; you can use a bookcase to divide a space. That bookcase, you can actually put storage baskets inside it, so you can hide things; a bookcase isn't just necessarily for books. Also, there's usually wasted space on the top of cabinets. Place storage baskets or boxes on it, where you can put your bedsheets or lines as well as your stock of shampoo, soap, and other toiletries." 



Nikki's Tips:  

Using the vignettes she created for SM Home as examples, Nikki shares her space-saving tips:

"For condos, when I choose a sofa and a center table, as much as possible, I try to look for ones that come with storages, like a daybed that can be converted into a sofa. For the bedroom, usually, people put a bench at the end of the bed, but this time around, what I did was put a console table na medyo mababa para extra storage and if you want to put something on top, p'wede din. This storage space is useful, because usually, in condos, you also don't have enough space to put another table beside your bed." 

The #SMHappyHome sale is until September 2 at SM Home stores nationwide. This August, SM Home will also have workshops and cooking demos every weekend in the SM Home area at SM Makati.