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Here's How Mattresses Can Affect Your Health And Well-Being

You may have slept right through it, but last March 15 was World Sleep Day, a day when all over the world, the benefits and importance of deep, restful sleep are talked about and highlighted. Here in the Philippines, Uratex Premium joined hands with SM’s Our Home in promoting this advocacy of good sleep for health and wellness. They mounted their Sleep Hive at the SM MOA Activity Center, and gifted us with talks related to sleep.



These "Sleep Hives" are pods designed along with Our Home, showcasing how the Uratex Premium mattresses can be utilized in ideal home space settings. And the highly informative talks that we were treated to that afternoon came from Happy Skin CEO Rissa Mananquil-Trillo, who touched on how good sleep affects aging, and Dr. Keith Aguilera, a sleep specialist, who discussed the varied benefits of quality sleep. Present during the launch was the founder and CEO of Uratex, Mrs. Natividad "Naty" Cheng.


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In a nutshell, the main benefits of good, quality sleep include being alert and energized throughout the day, getting a boost in our immune system, and having better concentration. It also allows cells to regenerate and repair, and one's risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity can be lowered. It was brought up that one of the factors in ensuring quality sleep is finding the right bed—this is where Uratex Premium enters the picture.


The three major Uratex Premium sub-brands are:

Sensory-Memory. These mattresses adapt to your body contour and evenly distribute weight to ease pressure points.





Orthocare. Based on biorhythmic technology, these mattresses reduce stress and provide firm back support.





Premium Touch. These are hotel-like mattresses with smart reflex pocket coil springs to provide maximum comfort.





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Photos from @uratexpremium and by Philip Cu-Unjieng