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Vacation Homes

Monsoon season is bringing the chillier days as early as now, and despite our love-hate relationship with the heat, there’s nothing like the bright and cheery times with the sun up. Nevertheless, the Philippines is an all-summer country—with the best beaches and other destinations that makes us constantly dream for the sand and the sea and the warmer months. We don’t let the rains dampen our spirits, or style, for this matter. Because, why let sunny days leave you when you can take it inside your home?

If you’re like us who loves it cozy and relaxing, this is the time for a revamp. Take boring, old hues and heavy textures out and bring the sunshine in! It may be pouring cats and dogs outside your windows, but take inspiration in some of our favorite summer homes that speak of the happy days, complete with all the colors, patterns, and fixtures to instantly transport you from sentimental July or August to fun April once again. 


Patio Elizabeth

Noel Lozano is a master craftsman. Despite his lack of background on design, it’s his innate talent and creativity that turned the once-vacant lot into a treasure house, so to speak. Patio Elizabeth was all built by himself—from mismatched tile flooring to Pinterest-like vignettes around the house, and even scraps-turned-furniture pieces like doors and benches to recycled bottles-turned-lamps that can be seen everywhere.

It’s eccentric, quirky, vintage, and modernly-built, all at the same time. Even Noel’s garden is his own DIY project, and maintains the beauty that Patio Elizabeth has been known for since opening their doors to the public a few years ago. Take a few pointers for your home:

See the beauty in scrap. There’s something charming about upcycled materials, and this is exactly how Noel was able to come up with unique displays around Patio. Don’t throw away what seemed to be just another piece of trash—instead, think of other ways of giving it a new life.

Jewel tones are for summer, too. Since wood gives that earthy and summer-y feel, add luxe and fancy feel with jewel-toned pieces.


Casa San Miguel

Coke Bolipata’s home in Zambales is everything one can imagine it to be—a school for the arts, a music hall, an art gallery and museum space, a cafe, and a bed and breakfast. The design of the place can be credited to the owner weaving his advocacy with his personal life, with details intersecting lines of the private and public successfully. It’s neat and orderly, generous with wooden fixtures and design patterns that play with the trend called, “Filipino Shaker.”

The unexpected nooks and crannies are welcome surprises to guests, and the well-lit and spacious areas will make you fall in love and feel at home, even when you’re four hours away from the city. Take a few pointers for your home:

Think Capiz. The Capiz windows are reminiscent of the old Filipino homes in decades past. Try incorporating this material for an airy and vintage look.

Hang the lights. How else can you brighten your day than by lighting up your home? Invest in pretty lights or get creative in matching up different lighting fixtures that complement each other.


Thelma Guericke’s Punta Fuego beach house

If we’re talking about grandeur, this Batangas property is its total definition. Given the majestic view of the sea, the interior also stands out in a spectacular way—bold colors and patterns in black, white and red, a show of intricate details, and the striking mix of furniture and design inspired by the owner’s travels abroad.

The style of the home implies Thelma’s personal journey. It invites you to know the story of who she is, where she’s been, and where life’s adventures ultimately takes her. Take a few pointers for your home:

Capture the energy you want to put in a specific area. In Thelma’s beach house, there’s no right or wrong—choose things that go well together and resonate to the theme that you want to achieve.

Choose your wood wisely. Varieties of wood in all shapes and sizes are one of the main features of the house. Don’t overlook mismatch styles, as they might just be the pieces that can put the look together.


Ugu Bigyan

A visit at Ugu Bigyan’s place sets up a visual feast that invokes the spirit of the island life and nostalgia of the bygone era. With the orange hue dominating this Tiaong landmark, additional touches of green, brown, and blue complete the earthy feel. Not to mention his well-tended garden make up a grand backdrop of its entirety.

It’s an art piece altogether, a challenging feat the Ugu was able to achieve in his dwelling. It’s a refreshing sight to take home, and we can definitely get cues on transforming our space into something with a similar feel. Take a few pointers for your home:

Go for brick. Ugu’s main material is the brick, which are aplenty in his workshop. Get pieces and have them shaped in decorative pieces of your choice to spruce up your home.

Balance the look with cool hues. The pops of colors in Ugu’s home are composed of calming blues, greens and whites to effectively counter the stronger element.



The design of the resort is the offspring of owner’s Rachelle Harrison’s love for travel. A mix of Indian, Balinese, South African, and Moroccan designs, she’s able to morph it into a style that’s distinctly hers. The result: a tropical paradise, indeed.

It’s very provincial and very laidback, an interestingly eclectic space. The mix of traditional and modern pieces is effective, with the right proportions and the owner’s knack for choosing details. Take a few pointers for your home:

Resort items will make a big difference. Hang island hammocks, display your abanicos, make lanterns a table centerpiece, whichever resort piece you fancy.

Mix and match matters. Choose table napkins in similar patterns but different colors, non-identical dining chairs, pots in all sizes, the works.