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"Women Of Style" Gives A Peek At Luxury Bag Designer Mai Mai Cojuangco’s Ancestral Home

An amazing mother, successful mompreneur, philanthropist, and now a bag designer based in Italy, Mai Mai Cojuangco has become an inspiration to women who are still looking and are currently striving for their dreams.

In the upcoming episode of Women of Style, host Joey Mead-King visits the ancestral home of the Cojuangco family, which is also Mai Mai’s home when she comes back to the Philippines. Mai Mai shares that since she is now based in Italy, she only gets to go home to the Philippines two to three times a year. And when she does, she makes it a point to come home for both work and family.



Mai Mai’s home looks like a vignette of Mindanao life, filled to the brim with accents and artefacts sourced from the places they visit in Mindanao: Cotabato, Jolo, Basilan, and Tawi-Tawi. Silverware adorns the dining room, religious figures and icons are displayed on cabinets, and beautifully beaded regal umbrellas fit for sultans and datus frame the living room.



Mai Mai says that the home is a labor of love of her mother, Tingting Cojuangco.



Mai Mai as the Demetria lady boss

Sitting in the comforts of her beautiful home, Joey can’t help but ask the woman on-the-go how it’s like being away from her family here in the Philippines most of the time. Mai Mai says that while she misses staying with her sisters and her parents, her independence has paid off—eventually giving birth to her luxury bag brand, Demetria.



“There is no boss without the struggle,” the lady boss shares. “You can only become the full version of yourself after the difficult times.”

Now, Demetria is creating a buzz inside and outside the Philippines as the luxury bag brand that can marry form, function, and finesse. Each bag is carefully handcrafted using only top-quality Italian leather, crafted with careful precision, and designed with the intention to carry tons of things without looking too bulky.

But while Demetria is taking off, Mai Mai is not yet done. Her motto in life and her business is: “If I can do good, I can do better. And if I can do better, I can do best.”




Get to know more about the story behind Mai Mai Cojuangco’s home, her family, and her beautiful and functional bag line, Demetria, on Women of Style, airing Sunday, 7PM on Metro Channel, channel 52 on Sky Cable and channel 174 on HD.