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You Won't Leave Empty-Handed When You Visit This New Lifestyle Store In Makati

New lifestyle and home décor store XCEPTION recently opened its doors to the public. Dubbed as a “design hub,” XCEPTION is a lifestyle store that features an eclectic collection of pottery, dinnerware, chairs, bath products, kitchen items, and other baubles.



Upon entering the store, you're immediately welcomed by the colors and textures of the never-before-seen products on display. There are creative paper products from Octaevo (Spain), dinnerware and pottery products from Serax (Belgium), iconic yet sustainably produced chairs from Emeco (USA), and a range of unique kitchen and bath products from VIPP (Denmark).

The store features “functional art,” a new and growing trend in the interior décor scene. It is a movement that combines form, art aesthetic, and function.

The brand believes that “the common thread that connects the products XCEPTION carries is the utility of the products. Generally, they all serve some form of purpose beyond standing in as decoration.”



The products in the store follow the design trends in Europe, Tokyo, and North America.

When in XCEPTION, check out the unique 3D and 2D lights from Studio Cheha. The lamps produce an optical illusion of sorts, and is a perfect conversation piece in any living or dining room.


3D and 2D lamps by Studio Cheha


There’s also the adorably painted ceramic plates by Rory Dobner, hand-drawn with ink, according to the proprietors. The plates are decorated with cats sporting bowler hats and monocles, dogs wearing top hats, and other animal-related designs. The whimsical illustrations make for fun décor in the kitchen or even the living room.


Plates by Rory Dobner


Animal themed pictures are printed on plates by Rory Dobner


The cutlery and tableware by Aoyoshi are also noteworthy. The brand hails from Tsubame City in Japan which is known for their utensil production industry. The store features Aoyoshi’s vintage cutlery series, with its forks, spoons, and knives done in rough metallic textures. The ends of the cutlery are shaped like wrench heads, evoking a raw, vintage look.


Cutlery and tableware by Aoyoshi


Danish brand VIPP also has unique items. They have heavy metallic trash bins on display, as well as moderne designed lamps, glasses, tableware, and other appurtenances.

Apart from the functional art, there are also toy figures, colored tissue paper, and various stationery items in the store. The space is a virtual gallery of fun ideas and well-thought-of unique items. Creative people, interior decorators, design students, and shopaholics will find it hard to leave the store empty-handed.


Colored toilet paper and figurines give the store a playful, whimsical feel


Apart from the lifestyle products, there is also a café inside the XCEPTION store, as well as an events space promptly named The Space. The new store is a welcome addition to the lifestyle stores opening up all over the metro in recent years.


XCEPTION is located at the G/F of The Biltmore, 102 Aguirre Street, Legazpi Village, Makati City. For inquiries, call (02) 585-8420 or email us at