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11 Hypoallergenic Dogs For The Hypersensitive Nose

Allergy sufferers know the feeling all too well: you desperately want a canine friend to pet after a long day at work, but getting a stuffy nose, watery eyes, and sneezing spells just seconds after simply isn't worth it. What's a hypersensitive person like you to do when there's a dog-shaped hole in your heart that must, must, must be filled?

Choose to take home a hypoallergenic pet, of course!



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Yes, hypoallergenic dogs do exist, and no, they weren't bred in a top-secret laboratory. But before you rejoice at the thought of welcoming one into your home, be informed that hypoallergenic dogs are simply breeds that don't produce as much allergens as their canine cousins, or other kinds of pets. They're not actually a hundred percent allergen-free.

A common misconception is that pet allergies come from their fur. The truth is, dander (skin cells that dogs and other animals regularly shed) is the real culprit. Some proteins in dog saliva as well as secretions found in their coats, to keep fur soft, are also common offenders. Hypoallergenic dog breeds were found to produce less allergy-causing substances.

To make sure that you and your newest furry family member always have a jolly good time together—sans the sniffles—be on top of his grooming, clean his cage and bed regularly, and avoid letting him sit on your bed and indoor furniture even when he gives you that look.

Now that you've got the basic lowdown on hypoallergenic dogs to help you manage expectations, check out this list of nose-friendly dogs. No one said you needed to choose just one!


Irish Water Spaniel 


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 Kerry Blue Terrier


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Afghan Hound


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Bichon Frise


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Shih Tzu


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The look your dog gives you on your afternoon walk ??

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Bedlington Terrier


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