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5 Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants For People With No Green Thumb

Whether you live in the suburbs or in a sky-high apartment, bringing an indoor garden to your home is always a good idea. After all, plants improve air quality, reduce stress, and can prettify a place in an instant! 

There are several houseplants for every personality. You can place them on the floor, on the table, by the window, or even hang them in baskets. If you’re looking for the perfect low-maintenance plant for you, here are five no-fail options. These plants are so easy to maintain, you won't need a green thumb to grow them.


1. Fiddle Leaf Fig

This indoor tree grows over 3 meters tall and is a popular choice among plant lovers. The fiddle leaf fig needs to be placed in a brightly lit spot (no exposure to direct sunlight, please!), with temperatures between 15 to 24°C. Pro tip: water this plant only when the top soil becomes slightly dry.



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2. Aloe Vera

Renowned for its medicinal properties (it soothes burns and makes your skin glow!), this plant is perfect even for the amateur gardener. Like any succulent, the aloe vera likes lots of sunlight and prefers dry soil—so make sure its pot has plenty of drainage holes.



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3. English Ivy

According to research, this beautiful vine modulates interior temperature and reduces the amount of mold in the air. The English Ivy prefers to be kept slightly dry; it can be potted on the floor or by the window, hung in baskets, or even spread throughout your wall. Remember to give this plant enough bright light—but again, remember to not expose it directly to the sun. If you have pets in your home, this may not be the best plant for you as the English Ivy can be toxic to animals.



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4.Bamboo Palm

This gorgeous tropical plant can bring warmth and color to a room in a jiffy. It is also known for its ability to eliminate air pollutants like formaldehyde and benzene. The bamboo palm grows up to seven feet tall, and can live in spaces with low light. However, the bamboo palm is toxic to animals, so it may not be the best option for pet owners. 



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This trailer is one of the easiest plants to take care of as they require minimal attention. It can grow in hanging boxes or in pots, and can also eliminate air toxins like formaldehyde. It also thrives in both low light and indirect light, making it the perfect plant to put inside your office, bedroom, or even your bathroom. However, it is important to note that Pothos can also be toxic to animals.



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