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This 70-sq.m. BGC Condo Unit Is Well Maximized Through Customized Materials

Dr. Chitz Legaspi, an alumni of PSID (Philippine School of Interior Design) has been doing home and living space interiors for clients for 20 years. Recently, Chitz showed the Metro Home & Entertaining team one of his latest projects, a condo unit located at Bonifacio Global City. The 70-sq.m. condo unit is being used as a vacation home by a couple in their late 50s who are based in Los Angeles in the United States. The man of the house is a doctor who enjoys photography, and he and his wife both like stylish spaces.


The living room includes a comfortable lounge type oversized couch from Flexform which serves as a good place for the homeowners to unwind and watch TV. The modern silver lamp on the right side of the sofa was bought from Modern Forms in the US.


According to Chitz, the owners requested for a comfortable, modern and laid-back space that they can use when they are in Manila. Since it was the second project of Chitz for the couple, it was pretty easy to get approvals from them even if they are based in the US. It only took a couple of meetings for them to approve the overall design and select the materials for the project.


A mix of light and dark tones

Chitz reveals that friends and clients have noticed that her work use contrasting colors since it is usually a good mix of light and dark tones. For the BGC condo unit, the colors used were a mixture of white, gray and blue tones, and the mix resulted to the creation of a cozy and warm home.

Upon entering the home, one will certainly notice the eye-catching drop lights used in the dining area. The Pendant Dining lighting by Studio Italia Design is very modern and stylishly illuminates a homey dining space that is suitable for conversations with family and friends during a dinner get-together.


The dining room's focal point is the set of pendant dining lights by Studio Italia Design. The lights illuminate the classic marble dining table and lend a classy vibe to the space.


The oversized L-type gray couch from Flexform becomes a nice lounging area for the couple and their family. A modern floor lamp by Modern Forms US is properly placed on the right side for easy access anytime the homeowners opt to have more light when they are unwinding or want to read books or magazines.

The Flexform bed with gray bedding covers creates a very comfortable feel that is conducive to sleeping and relaxation. The bedroom also has its own modern style bathroom, which features elegant and well-designed pieces from Villeroy & Boch bathroom fixtures. Matte-type bathroom tiles, which are easy to maintain and clean, were used along with a reflective door, which are both aesthetically pleasing and functional since they also serve as a full-length mirror, thereby giving an illusion of space. The wall near the door serves as a towel bar and beside it are storage space for towels and other items.


The cozy bedroom with customized bed in gray colored beddings serves as a good relaxing place for the homeowners. The mirrors on the closet make the space look bigger. 


Customized for functionality

In order to make the space look bigger, Chitz made use of customized materials for the project. The bathroom vanity mirrors, reflective doors, storage cabinets in the bathroom, dining room, kitchen, living room and bedroom were all customized. Curtains were also customized to complement the overall look and feel of the rooms.

The storage cabinets in the living room area serve as storage space for shoes and suitcases. The couple also has enough storage cabinets near the dining area for their dishes, serving bowls and various dining items used occasionally when they have guests for dinner. The cabinets in the bedroom were also customized with full-length mirrors.



The doorless kitchen was designed as such to create a bigger space. Plus, the owner of the home can talk to guests while preparing some quick bites and drinks from the well-designed and organized kitchen.

The kitchen equipment is mostly stainless steel finish to create a modern feel and look that matches the overall design of the place.




Valuable tips for homeowners

According to Chitz, it would be best for homeowners to know the purpose and future plans for their condominium unit before they do any renovation or interior design project. She believes this is an important aspect to consider especially since the intention of the owner on the use of the unit will determine the types of materials for the interiors of the home. Also, the future plan has an impact on how much the owner will be willing to spend for the project.


The veranda serves as a good spot for having coffee while enjoying a good view of BGC.


Apart from considering the future use of the unit, the owners also need to brief their designers on what they like and their preference for colors and types of materials for their home.

A good working relationship and communication between client and designer will most likely result in a well-designed home that the homeowners can truly appreciate.


*This article was originally published in Metro Home & Entertaining magazine.


Photographs by Jar Concengco for Metro Home & Entertaining