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How To Incorporate The Globalist Concept In Your Own Home

A marriage of different styles that span the whole spectrum of design from the mid-century to the contemporary—this is what embodies the globalist concept.

Incorporating a globalist concept into your own home doesn’t have to be hard. It’s about picking the right statement pieces that complement and do not overpower each other.


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Metro Home & Entertaining editor-in-chief and TV host Anton Barretto visits the West Elm showroom at Estancia Mall to get a feel of how the globalist concept works. West Elm is a retailer of home furnishings that’s originally based in Brooklyn, New York, and has brought its very first brand into the country in 2015. The brand is known for showcasing products designed by independent artists and designers around the world. With their wealth of global designs, the brand made it their specialty to create globalist concepts.


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The living room



This living room manages to elevate muted tones into an interesting level by mixing textures, materials, and accents. Starting off with the sofa, it delivers very clean lines that give off a posh but comfortable feel, finished with a velvety fabric that is not too fuzzy.

Beside the classic sofa is a mid-century swivel chair that is perfect for entertaining. Injecting a modern feel into the ensemble is a glass coffee table and side table combo. The tables are accentuated with brass that complements the mid-century feel of the swivel chair, and is topped with bubble-like candelabra that matches the hanging bubble lighting fixtures.

As accents to the muted tones of the furniture, the woven carpet showcases geometric and tribal patterns, which also match the patterns of the throw pillows.

Put together, the living room is an intelligent and elegant harmony of mid-century, classic, and modern glam.


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The dining set



Made for a condominium or apartment that accommodates two people, this silhouette dining table, paired with decorative chairs, makes for a nice statement in any dining area. The table and chairs have an edgy appeal with the metal material, but they are toned down by the clean white palette of the table setting and soft curves of the table accessories and items.  

The soft-colored sea glass vases that come in different shapes and sizes make for nice and versatile accents, which could be both decorative and functional as candle holders. The table arrangement is neat and clean, only highlighted with a little pop of color to go with the theme.

A mix of marble, metal, velvet fabric, and glass—overall, the combination of materials and silhouettes gives the set its character.


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The bedroom set



Comfort is key when you decorate your bedroom, so nothing speaks of bedroom better than a huge, comfortable bed that invites you back to laze around or slumber. The highlight of this bedroom set is definitely the 330-thread count duvet cover, a collaboration between West Elm and Los Angeles-based Zoe Bios designs.

This Zoe Bios TENCEL Umber Corner Duvet Cover + Shams features a unique Tencel textile, which is made from sustainable eucalyptus fibers and said to be more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk, and cooler than linen. The print that showcases smooth brush strokes in yellow, blue, and pink are inviting and calming, making the design perfect for the gray palette of the bedroom set.

It’s form and function, perfected.




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