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See Before & After Photos From The Transformation Of This Art Deco-Themed Condo Unit


Any interior designer will tell you how challenging it is to “style” a condo unit. The limited space, the awkward wall placements—the list goes on. Other elements complicate the issue as well: furniture, lighting, wallpaper, artwork, and more importantly, storage space.

This condominium unit in Bonifacio Gobal City, Taguig is an example of a small space maximized well. Through clever use of materials, the designer was able to transform this house from plain and boring to intricate and interesting.

Upon entering the unit, guests are immediately greeted by a luxurious design aesthetic, reminiscent of the Art Deco movement of the roaring ‘20s. It was associated with modernity and luxury, two keywords clearly incorporated into the design brief for this project.


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The unit’s interiors are lavish, but still subdued; extravagant, but not too flashy—a difficult balance to pull off, but one that Adefuin Design Studio was able to execute masterfully.

The overall design is cohesive, each area made visually rich with a play on prints, patterns, and textures.  

From the foyer, one's attention will be instantly drawn to the lines and geometric patterns associated with the Art Deco style. White marble floors, dark gray-blue wallpaper, and opulent-looking dark wooden panels are dominant design elements that serve as backdrops for the rich furnishings and accents.


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The wood panels cleverly hide the air-conditioning unit in the living room, and also lend the space an old-world charm. 

While others prefer the safe route with a monochromatic color theme, the designers behind this unit explored a combination of colors, introducing dark blue, gray, brown, and even cyan or aqua green to complement the dramatic mood of this home.


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“During the series of meetings with the client, we’ve learned that she likes small, beautiful things. It is readily seen in her choice of jewelry, bags, and clothing,” says Jigs Ranada Adefuin, Creative Director and Principal Designer of Adefuin Design Studio, when he was touring Metro.Style around his client’s unit. “That’s where I got the idea and the concept of this place. She likes modern things, and at the same time, she loves small details and intricately designed concepts, which are then translated to the space you see now.”

The foyer directly leads to the living room and dining room, to the right is the master bedroom, and from the hallway in the left, one can access the kitchen and two more bedrooms. “We wanted the design to be modern, but at the same time very timeless,” Jigs adds.


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Geometric patterns are prevalent in the walls, with pops of gold and brass completing the art deco theme. The designer also loves playing with textures, colors, and materials—proof of this are the antique mirror dominating the wall adjacent to the dining room and the walnut colored veneers.

They also used solid walnut panels to cover the air-conditioning unit in a manner that looks stylish and well thought out.


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Jigs is also adept at playing with lights, and for this project, he installed different mood lights throughout the condo unit. With the use of Lutron lighting panels, he was able to create pre-set mood light routines that can be manipulated to dramatically change the ambiance in the living and dining rooms.

With so many design elements thrown in one space, the designer stressed the need for cohesion when styling interiors. “Even though we use different materials, somehow, the final product should have a cohesive theme,” he notes.


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When asked how to actually achieve that design trick, Jigs advises, “Make sure that you know your color theory. So you would know how to blend in details, and how much colors to insert in a particular tableau.”

As an example, the designer pointed to the dark blue colored chairs in the dining room, which blends well with the orange tones of the wall, the wood, and the painting seen above. He says, “The pop of orange from the painting also enlivens the space.”


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Adding to the lavish design of the interiors, the wallpapers in the space are made of silk, which gives the home a certain warmth and softness. They're a welcome break from the sharp and defined textures and geometric patterns that add character to this condo unit.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that this home houses a treasure trove of covetable art pieces from the likes of Mauro "Malang" Santos, Michael Cacnio, Vicente Manansala, Jose T. Joya, Federico Alcuaz, and even Ramon Orlina.


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Despite the numerous artworks, with all their different textures and colors, they all still look perfectly at home with the rest of the design elements. 

As we ended the home tour, we asked the designer to give some tips when designing a condo. “Make it as open as possible. In the case of this unit, we needed to remove some walls since we combined two units to complete the 180-sq.m. area," Jigs says. "And also, use standard-sized furniture pieces. Avoid making it smaller than the usual size. Some make the mistake of reducing the proportion of their furnitures, thinking that it would help with the limited space. But it would just end up just not looking nice. It’s a common mistake. Always keep in mind that you’re designing for normal-sized people."



See before and after photos of this condo unit, and explore the rest of the home in the gallery below:




Photographs by Daniel Soriano | Additional photos courtesy of Adefuin Design Studio