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6 Eco-Friendly And Innovative Home Products And Solutions To Check Out Now

They say summer is the best time to renovate your home, because the slow pace of the season puts people in the mood for vacationing, and this time away from home is best maximized by having some improvements made in the house. The warmth and mood of summer also offer fresh ideas that can be incorporated to update your space. But certain changes or enhancements at home need not be grand all the time; even relatively small ones can create remarkable changes not just on the interior spaces themselves but in your family's lifestyle as well. 

If you're in the mood for re-designing your home, or simply want to try new, more environmentally-friendly products to make things more efficient, convenient, and sustainable in your household, we've gathered items you'd surely be interested to purchase ASAP.


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1. The Trill Dual Mattress

The Trill Dual Comfort Mattress by Uratex is the first-ever mattress in a box that was launched here in the Philippines. It is made with high-quality foam that has been trusted for years and a dual comfort design that you can just flip to either soft or firm sides. Rolled and packaged in a vacuum sealed bag, it can be carried and set up easily. 

The Unboxing of the 2-in-1 mattress was held in SM Makati last March 26. Present during the event was Team Kramer (Doug and Chesca Kramer with their kids KendraScarlett, and Gavin) alongside Janina ManipolZanjoe Marudo, and Janeena Chan who served as that afternoon's host.

The unboxing was done by the Kramer family, who effortlessly showcased the mattress' design and demonstrated how it slowly expanded outside the sealed pack from the box and transformed into a comfortable mattress anyone would be delighted to have in their homes. What's more, Uratex offers a 100-night trial so you can try-before-you-buy.—Angelica Montoro 


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2. Philippine Geogreen's The Atmospheric Water Generator

When it comes to making the shift to eco-friendly and sustainable living, change isn't easy. The process could be expensive, designs might not be visually appealing, or there might be virtually no accessibility to the products you're looking for. We know this all too well, and so does Liza Morales-Crespo, CEO of Philippine Geogreen—but she and her team are out to change all of that. Philippine Geogreen is celebrating 10 years of service to Filipinos this year.

As a leader in one of the Philippines' most successful and innovative companies whose mission is to help make Filipino households and businesses more environmentally sound, she invites us to learn more about their roster of award-winning products—all of which are made available to Filipino buyers, have proven returns on investment, and fit right in any setting, regardless of what your home or workspace's aesthetic is. 


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Philippine Geogreen president Mark Manolo, CEO Liza Morales-Crespo, and director Manolo Morales

We understand if you meet a product whose tagline is "never buy water again" with skepticism. But keep an open mind as you see air literally transform into potable water in a matter of seconds by a simple-looking machine. By gathering humidity in the atmosphere—which the Philippines literally has tons of, thanks to its tropical climate—this nifty little appliance is able to provide anyone with life-giving water. It churns out a minimum of 30 litres of water a day, and is an effective de-humidifier, too. Now, who was worried about water shortage problems again?—Sara de los Reyes 


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3. Philippine Geogreen's Haiku fans

Oh how we'd love the feeling of 24/7 air conditioning! Unfortunately, having the AC on all day, every day would be way too costly and really tough on the environment. For Filipinos from this part of the world, fans are our next best bet, but oftentimes, the appliance doesn't get the job done for several reasons; they, too, may not be energy-efficient or just plain eyesores. Enter, the Haiku fans. They aren't just kind to the eyes, but run on only 30 watts at maximum speed—the same amount of electricity used by a lightbulb—thanks to their aerodynamic blades designed to yield the most wind with the least movement.—Sara de los Reyes 


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4. Coocaa Smart TVs

Having the convenience of everything in one item is fast-becoming a trend. The advent of technology has made our lives easier. Japan-manufactured brand Coocaa arrived in the Philippines last March, introducing to the local market their line of smart TVs that are perfect for every kind of viewer. Their three-product series—Explore, Innovate, and Change—offers cutting-edge quality with distinctive functionality. 

The S5G Explore series carries Google Assistant with AIoT technology to connect and command smart devices inside your home. The Innovate S3N series is an all-around entertainment system that comes in different sizes (32", 40", and 43") and can capture YouTube content and support the Mira share features from other mobile devices as well. The Change series boasts of HD-ready panel, SRS Dolby Audio+, 178 degree angle views, and energy-saving technology. Really, what more can you look for in a smart TV?—Mariel Abanes


5. Human Nature Home Care products—in refillable bottles!

These days, many personal care and beauty products are slowly moving toward more sustainable options, and the latest brand to make a significant shift to more environmentally-friendly practices is Human Nature.

Last March 27, Human Nature opened its first-ever Home Care Refilling Stations in SM City North EDSA and in their flagship store in Commonwealth Avenue. To avail of this service, you'll just have to bring your empty, clean, and dry Human Nature Home Care bottles to the abovementioned branches. By doing so, you can get P10 off for every 500ml, 900ml, or 1L bottle refilled; the discount varies as Human Nature charges the refill by the gram. Human Nature offers dishwashing liquid, baby bottle & utensil cleanser, and liquid detergent.  

"This refilling system came from several months of research, sourcing, and prototyping because we wanted to ensure safety, traceability, and adaptation—that the system is effective and the cost isn't a barrier for scaling up," Human Nature president and co-founder Anna Meloto Wilk explained. 

Together with Save Philippine Seas, Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines, WWF Philippines, and several more environmental advocacy organizations, this homegrown brand advocates for safe, sustainable, and accessible refilling stations to reduce plastic waste nationwide.—Red Dimaandal


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6. DOWNY Sports 

Best-selling fabric enhancer brand DOWNY recently introduced a new product: Downy Sports. Made with a new technology that specifically removes malodor in clothing, it can give clothes a long-lasting fresh scent even when they're worn in the sweatiest days. Especially now that it's summer, it's unavoidable to get sweaty—it's good to know there's a product (aside from our well-loved perfumes) that can keep us smelling good. 

Through friction caused by simply rubbing your clothes, the 24-hour deodorant protection can be activated to release perfume bubbles that allow them to retain their freshness.

To launch the product, DOWNY held the 24-Hour All-Star Freshness Challenge, an afternoon of intense basketball games pitting celebrity-led teams headed by actress and vlogger Alex Gonzaga, as well as soccer player and fitness enthusiast Nico Bolzico. Members of each team wore jerseys rinsed with DOWNY Sports. After hours of intense action, including lay-up matches, a dribbling obstacle course, and a basketball game, the players hung their jerseys in an all-star freshness gallery. Despite the tremendous amount of sweat they accumulated from that event-filled afternoon, the jerseys still smelled fresh.


     Downy Sports is now available in all major retailers nationwide, and online via Shopee at


Banner and thumbnail photos from Human Nature, Philippine Geogreen, and Trill