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Gift Guide 2018: Every Woman On Your List Deserves These Bed & Bath Gift Items

The best time in a day, really, is time well spent at home, relaxing with your loved ones, away from work stress. Make every moment at home the best there could be with these items that will help one relax, sleep well, and even look really good.

Check out our list of gift ideas for every person in your life who needs some relaxation, peace of mind, and quality alone time—including yourself!



Ash & Muff Monogram Studio


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Getting your friends or relatives something practical that they can use to make their daily lives a bit easier is always a great idea. Why not level up your gift by personalizing it? Ash & Muff not only offers practical home gifts but gives the option for monogrammed names or initials, as well.

From microfiber towels and blankets to keep you dry and warm, to quilted vanity organizers and quirky laundry bags for keeping your home tidy, there’s always something nice to see and perfect to customize at their store. Oh, and customized PJs? Definitely a must buy!



Sundays are for snuggling ??

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They also have non-customized items that are still perfect for gifts this holiday season. Their Christmas cushions are back, and they have a wash-and-wear clothes organizer to separate your clean clothes from the dirty ones—perfect to hang at home or bring around in your gym bag.




Where to buy: For orders, visit their website at or their Instagram page at @ashandmuff.

Price range: Monogrammed microfiber towels start at P600 while single-ply blankets start at P650. Reversible blankets can cost up to P1400. Wash and wear bags are at P650. You can also contact Ash and Muff via their Instagram page for more customization needs.





Have you always wanted a blanket with arm holes for when you need to snuggle up and drink a hot cup of cocoa while binge watching on Netflix? Yup, that’s exactly the kind of blanket this store has: bleeves a.k.a. blankets with sleeves! Perfect for lounging around at home or for cozying up during your travels (when plane air-conditioning is just way too cold!), these bleeves really make for perfect gifts for your loved ones—and even for yourself.

Bleeves come in a wide variety of designs and prints so you’ll have a lot to choose from. Visit their Facebook page at @bleevesph for the full catalog of designs. And you can even have your bleeves customized for that personal touch! All of their products are locally manufactured, as well.




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Where to buy: For orders, visit their Instagram page at @bleevesph or check out their full lineup of bazaars this Christmas season. They also ship nationwide!

Price range: P500 for regular size, P450 for kids size, and P650 for extra long



Tides Lifestyle


Why do we need quality diffusers in our home and office? . Its good for you and your family. Premium and genuine aromatherapy tools like our premium diffusers cleanses the indoor air and purifies, ionizes them while at the same time leaving it naturally aromatic when coupled with pure essential oils. Some units also have humidifying properties and provide added moisture in the air which is particularly helpful for people with dry skin and are always indoors (airconditioning can dry hair and skin). Diffusing is not only for humans but great for pets like dogs who are also prone to skin issues*. Another reason is it creates a positive ambience. Feeling sluggish? Diffuse and energizing blend. Its safer and simpler to use and more economical. Try our premium qualtiy aromatherapy products. They are the real deal. Check out also our body products and pure essential oils. 100% Pure, Organic, Plant-Based and Effective. No Chemicals, No Parabens, No Silicons, No Toxins. So effective and absolutely chemical-free! *some essential oils may be harmful for pets particularly birds. Always practice caution prior to use. Got questions, email us: #tideslifestyle #aromatherapyph #love #premiumquality #bestdealsph #giftideas #stylishandhealthy #naturalbeauty #naturalhome #naturalproducts #pure #organic #lifestyle #chemicalfree #organic

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The holiday season is the perfect time to take a break. If you won’t have time to sneak in a spa day with the parties and get-togethers lined up for the holiday break, why not de-stress in your own home? This is exactly the thrust of Tides Lifestyle: "Why not bring the spa experience to the comfort of home? That’s is why we dwell in deeper to find and produce better consumer products that would be suitable for a modern clientele."

Whether you’re looking for a spa-like ambiance as you soak in the tub or a calming and refreshing scent to lull you to sleep, Tides Lifestyle has a number of diffusers and nebulizers to keep your home aromatic and soothing. Each of their items is carefully crafted to combine eastern philosophy in health and beauty and incorporate them into modern aesthetics.

One of their best-sellers is the Premium Ultrasonic Diffuser with Bluetooth Speakers, which is a compact diffuser that ionizes, cleanses, and humidifies the air while providing a naturally fragrant atmosphere—plus, it can play music straight from your smartphone, too!



Perfect holiday gifts the entire family will enjoy. Our premium aromatherapy tools offer more than just making your home smell wonderful. They clean and purify indoor air as well and provide the correct diffusion of your preferred essential oil so you get the benefits of its plant source. Its made from durable and safe materials (natural bamboo for the Bamboo nebulizer), it will not corrode, melt or break when in use because they are designed and made specifically for essential oils diffusion. Try our products to see the difference of true aromatherapy. Customized gifts are welcome. #tideslifestyle #naturalhome #naturalfragrance #essentials #stylishhome #style #homedecor #homewares #giftideas #bestdiffusersever

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The Cloud is also a nice choice, great to put on your bedside since the diffuser unit doubles as a lamp. Perfect for those who suffer from asthma and other allergies, the Bamboo Nebulizer, meanwhile, cleans the air and features a nebulizing technology that disperses pure essential oil into the air without the need for water. They also have a variety of oils to choose from to complement your home needs. Tides recommends Lavender and Chamomile for relaxation, which are both effective and suitable for all ages.



Currently diffusing our very own tanglad pure essential oil with the Cloud ultrasonic diffuser. Tanglad is steam distilled and has calming properties. It also is a great natural insect repellent, perfect for everyday use. Available at discounted price during the #spectrumfairmanila happening from November 2-4, 2018 at the Shangri La Plaza, Mandaluyong City. Those are real plants btw. Great for indoors, hardly any maintenance needed, they help purify the air, they look great and they make people happy. #tideslifestyle #SpectrumAtShang #naturalhome #bestdiffusersever #cute #greatdeals #greatgiftideas #indoorplants #plantsmakespeoplehappy #stressfree #destress #botanicals #decor #sanseveria #plants #plantsofinstagram #plantlover

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Where to buy: Shop online via their website

Price range: Diffusers range from P3500 to P5000, while oils start from P350.





Wood always looks stylish and homey. And for all things wood, there’s a one-stop shop that you can look to: Geppetto. Geppetto specializes in crafting wood items for the home such as wooden kitchen tools, coasters, wine boxes, and trays. The workshop's slogan, true to their inspiration from Geppetto who created Pinocchio, is "Add a little magic." Aldrene Handa, Sales Account Executive of Geppetto Workshop, says, "Our goal is to give our customers satisfaction by giving them the best caliber of service and best quality of items. Smiling is the best way to relieve stress and our company wants to engrave a smile in every client's face."

If you’re looking for a nice bed and bath gift item, Geppetto has a mini bath set that includes a brush, loofah, foot scrubber, and a wooden bowl that may be customized with your loved one’s name. You may also add a bigger personalized wooden bowl for tidying up the house.





They also have more wooden items perfect for premium Christmas gifts like their Oak Cheeseboard that comes with a set of four cheese knives, and a Watch Winder for automatic watches. 

Where to buy: Check out Geppetto’s Instagram page at @geppettoph for the their full catalog of items and orders.

Price range: Personalized bath sets can be bought for as low as P250. Wooden trays and cheeseboards range from P400 to P1500. Their most expensive item is the Watch Winder at P14000.



Organic Alley


We got this photo of our Soap Gift Set from the Seek the Uniq shopping site and we are overly excited! We just love Seek the Uniq so much! Head on to their site to get unique and fantastic pieces, including our eco-friendly favorites ?? The box has a shampoo bar, conditioning bar, feminine hygiene bar and Turmeric face and body bar ?? . . . Photo grabbed from #seektheuniq site . . . . . #ArganOil #plasticfree #lavender #calendula #ecofriendly #zerowaste #crueltyfree #plasticfreeph #handmade #organicalley #organic #organiclife #organicliving #organicbeauty #organicbeautyph #organicproducts #organicshop #skincare #organicskincare #ecofriendlygifts #claritytrumpscolor

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Looking for gifts for your friends who are making a conscious effort to reduce waste and live a more natural, chemical-free life? Organic Alley offers bath and skincare products that are free of synthetic chemicals and dyes, and come in eco-friendly packaging. Aliw del Rosario shares, "[Organic Alley] is a brand born out of a mother’s love and devotion to her child and to spread awareness about behavioral disorders and other effects of harmful chemicals in cosmetics and household cleaners. All of our products are versatile, have multiple uses, address common skin issues and are all preservative-free."

And true to their all-natural, eco-friendly advocacy, Organic Alley assures that a part of every purchase made from their stores goes to St. Luke’s Corridor of Hope, a cancer support group dedicated to helping cancer patients and survivors.

They have stand-alone organic soap bars, and even shampoo bars and feminine hygiene soap bars to lessen the use of plastic bottles. Aliw adds, "We are now in a whole new journey of touching on the sustainability of the products not just from the beginning - how they are planted and harvested and how they are produced, but also up to the end when the entire product has been consumed, offering sustainable solutions to our consumers to avoid creating non-biodegradable waste after the product has been consumed."



Repost from @luntianlokal using @RepostRegramApp - Our feminine bar from Organic Alley is made with tea tree and lavender extracts that will leave you feeling cool and fresh ?? • See you all on Saturday at Ayala Centrio and get first dibs on these as we only have a few on stock! ???? ??Gail Aranas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ?????? #femininebar #rosehipoil #organic #organicalley #organiclife #organicliving #organicbeauty #organicbeautyph #arganoil #beautyph #beauty #golocal #plasticfree #ecofriendly #oakgall #beautywithaconscience #realbeauty #organicproducts #organicshop #femininehygiene #organicskincare #supportlocal #plasticfreeph #packagefree #chemicalfree #claritytrumpscolor #chemicalfreebeauty #zerowasteph #naturalbeauty

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For gift ideas, check out their holiday bath sets that come with a Turmeric Guava Soap Face and Body Bar, Lavender Feminine Hygiene Bar, Rosemary Moringa Shampoo Bar, and Vanilla Peppermint Hair Conditioning Bar; or these beautiful wooden gift boxes filled with travel-sized must-haves.



Your complete bath set: Turmeric Guava Soap Face and Body Bar, Feminine Hygiene Bar, Rosemary Moringa Shampoo Bar, and Vanilla Peppermint Hair Conditioning Bar. Give a gift of organic goodness to yourself and your loved ones this coming holiday season! Pre-order yours now! . . . We ship to any location: 150 metro manila, 100-180 Provincial. ?????????????????????????? . . . . . . . . #acneprone #rosehipoilph #organic #organicph #organicalley #organiclife #organicliving #organicbeauty #organicbeautyph #arganoilph #beautyph #plasticfree #plasticfreeph #organicalleysoapbundle #shampoobar #conditionerbar #turmericsoap #guavasoap #ecofriendly #giftph #organicproducts #organicshop #skincare #organicskincare #gifts #giftsph #christmasgift #lookingforph

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Where to buy: Sesou Nature Source branches, Echostore branches, Healthy Edge at Shangri-La Plaza, Wholesome Organics at Ayala Malls The 30th, AllDay Bagumbayan in Libis, and Pure Beauty branch in Taguig. For online shopping, visit their website at or shop via

Price range: Soap bars start at P79, soap bar sets are at P299, and the travel gift box retail at P1000.



Bath & Brew House


For some of us with busy schedules, bath time is usually when we can relax and think things through. Make bath time even more posh and luxurious with these artisan soaps from Bath & Brew House. They don’t only look and smell so appetizingly good they are also packed with essential oils and vitamins for cleansing and moisturizing the skin.



New look of Lemon cupcakes a.k.a "Squeeze the day!" just dropped! Get yours now. Message us! These soaps are infused with PURE LEMON ESSENTIAL OIL known to: *lighten and brighten dark spots *great for combating oily skin for it acts like a natural astringent by reducing excess sebum and tightening the pores. *it also has been proven to assist with anti-aging One of the benefits that we love about using this soap in the shower is that it contributes to increasing concentration and alertness. Prefect soap to use to start the day! All of our soaps are jam-packed with nutrients and vitamins that are immensely beneficial for the skin. Everything is mainly made of Extra virgin coconut oil, Castor oil, Sweet almond and more! These oils are proven to: *help retain moisture on the skin *deep cleansing *remove dead cells and strengthen the tissues present underneath the skin *enhance exfoliation *improve overall skin complexion making it glow ??????SOAP PRICE: Php 159??????

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Sharing to you some Creamy Coffe goodness! Care for some caffeine for your skin?

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For gift ideas this coming Christmas, Bath & Brew House has a beautiful gift set containing four beautiful artisan soaps. They also have a sampler if you want your friend to try out their soaps first before choosing a regular-sized one.




Where to buy: Their artisan soaps are now available at Dermedica Clinic in Legazpi and at Society Eight Lifestyle Store in EspaƱa. You can also browse their Instagram page at @bathandbrewhouse.

Price range: Artisan soaps start at P159 while gift sets start at P1599.



ITO Philippines

Photo from ITO Philippines


Did you know that bamboo linens are softer and silkier than cotton, are hypoallergenic and antimicrobial so you don’t have to worry about aggravating your allergies, are thermoregulating so it adjusts to the ambient temperature, and are eco-friendly so you don’t have to worry about contributing to the worsening climate problems? Amazing, right?

So why not purchase bamboo linens and towels from ITO Philippines now?! ITO Philippines by Bed, Tub and Butter Inc. is one of the very first local luxury bamboo linen brand in the country and has been creating luxe organic bamboo products since last year.

Laarni Reyes-Carandang, founder of ITO Philippines, says, "Bamboo lycell is an amazing, earth-friendly fabric made from the pulp of sustainable resources like bamboo. We work very hard on our promise to share true wellness living and make social awareness come naturally to Filipinos with our organic and natural collections, specifically designed for comfort, health,  and a more eco-conscious lifestyle."

ITO Philippines have a number of 100 percent organic bamboo lyocell products like towels, linen, bed sheets, and even lounge wear. These will be great for gifts for family and friends as they are packed in specially made boxes for the holiday season. All bed sheets come in 4 pieces: 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 pillow slips.



Photos from ITO Philippines


Where to buy: Check out their Instagram page at @itophilippines when they finish revamping their social media pages. You can also buy their products online through Nest Manila or Knots and Pans.

Price range: Pillow slips are at P1790 per pair, and towel sets start at P1490. Lounge wear start at P690. Bamboo socks are also available for P250 per pair. Prices for bedsheet sets range from P6490 to P8990, depending on the size of your bed.



Private Storey


It’s just been two years since founder Anna Limbo started Private Storey, but now, the brand has managed to grow a huge following and patronage, with celebrity clients like Sam Pinto, Saab Magalona, Andi Eigenmann, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Ria Atayde, and more. Private Storey offers sleepwear made with the softest fabric and designed beautifully for every woman who wishes to look and feel good.

According to Anna, "Private Storey is more than just sleepwear, it’s about the experience and lifestyle when you wear it. Sleepwear gives you that boost of confidence in the morning when you look at yourself in the mirror feeling effortlessly beautiful, ready to slay the day! We don’t believe women need to choose between style and comfort, or glamour and affordability; every woman should feel elegant, confident, and comfortable in all aspects of life, especially when relaxing in their own homes."

And this is why all of their products are guaranteed to make you look and feel good. The clothes are also made and sourced locally so it's a way to support local businesses, too!




Lounging in style with these super comfy @privatestorey pajamas ?? ?? @marcoesguerra

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Private Storey has different pajama sets, depending on your mood: dress sets, long pants, shorts, and robes. They also have sleep accessories like headbands and sleep masks for the ultimate good night’s sleep.

They also offer customized orders if you need to alter a specific set to your size or add an embroidery, and they ship their items wrapped beautifully with greeting cards if you’re thinking of buying a set as a gift. This Christmas season, browse through their Holiday Prints & Laces ’18 collection for the perfect holiday gift for yourself or your loved ones. These collections feature custom-made prints and intricate laces to make your sleepware extra special.



The Holiday Prints & Laces ‘18 by Private Storey are finally here and these collections are like no other. ?? ?We have curated timeless and limited edition sleepwear designs fit for all of the unique modern women. ? Indeed, Private Storey sleepwear sets are the perfect gifts for your loved ones who are dreaming of a glamorous and comfortable Christmas! ?Shop now before they’re sold out! . . . . . .?#sleepwear #sleepwearsets #sleepwearph #loungewear #nightwear #pajamas #sleeping #bedroom #modernwoman #glamorous #luxurious #timeless #comfy #satinsleepwear #rosegold #design #trending #style #shopping #glam #capture #tagsforlikes #giftforher #bride #satinrobe #posh #girly #privatestorey #slumberstorey

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Where to buy: The Park at Shangri-La Plaza, Retail Lab at Rockwell Powerplant, and Market Liberty at Evia Lifestyle Center. You can also shop online at

Price range: Two-piece sets start at P1350 while accessories start at P275. A complete 6-piece set that includes a short-sleeved top, pair of shorts, robe, a long-sleeved top, a sleeveless top, and a pair of pajama pants will cost up to P3000. Customized items vary in price depending on the number of letters for embroidery.