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Gift Guide 2018: What To Give Plant Lovers And Those With Green Thumbs

This holiday season, make your home and your loved ones’ homes a little bit fresher, greener, and happier. With a gift from one of these shops, you’re sure to please a nature-loving friend or family member—or even turn them into one!

Here are some gift suggestions to start or level up your indoor or outdoor gardens and plantscapes.


1. Qubo


Watching our garden grow ??

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The metro continues to suffer from urban degradation problems and more and more people are getting disconnected with nature. To address this issue, the founders of Qubo started the brand in 2017 to "strengthen the connection city dwellers have with our environment through the very act of taking care of a plant. It is on this deep connection city dwellers have with the environment we lay the foundations to instigate meaningful change in our cities on a much larger scale," says Arch. Trisha Areopagita Cruz, Director for Sales and Marketing.

"Our brand aspires to integrate nature into as many facets of nature into everyday city life, as seamlessly as possible," says Trish, so they offer a variety of DIY garden kits that already come with seeds, a cocopot, potting mix, pebbles, organic fertilizer, an instruction manual, and a specific plant card—all these to make your gardening experience easy and fool-proof. From regular plants like garlic and oregano, interesting herbs like marjoram, to different kinds of basil, they’ve got it in stock. If you’re looking to give their DIY garden kits as gifts or as giveaways, they also customize the packaging really nicely.



This holiday season, check out their newly launched Urban Gardener Starter Pack that include a DIY garden kit of choice (from their 14 different varieties of plants), a set of 3 garden tools, and a self-watering orb to make watering easy for busy city folk.



Where to buy: You can shop for their DIY garden kits over at their website,, or check out their Instagram page at

Price range: The garden kits cost P200 a piece with a Seed Top Up guarantee, meaning if your plants don’t sprout within 2 months of purchasing the kit, they will  send you a replacement vial of seeds, free of charge. The Urban Gardener Starter Pack can be purchased for P600. 



2. Happy Plant


Did you know that indoor plants provide cleaner air, can assist with breathing, help deter sore throat and dry coughs, prevent skin drying, boost mood, and even improve productivity and memory retention by up to 20 percent? These are only some of the benefits that Happy Plant founder Stephanie Dan said eventually encouraged her to start the business in 2017.

"I started Happy Plant because I wanted tell people that there are so many benefits in having plants indoors.  My objective was to help them understand that indoor plants are good for their health and not just for decorating a dull space. I want people to know that growing plants is a skill and can be learned over time and practice," she says.

So together with his boyfriend Victor Basa, Stephanie grew Happy Plant into a full-on business that not only sells plants but also gives seminars and talks on gardening and provides services to dress up your space with greenery. What's great at Happy Plant is that they help starting plant owners to overcome the fear of not succeeding in gardening. "We explain to the customers how to take care of the plants they have decided to purchase. We walk with them though their houseplant journey anytime of the week except for Sundays to rest," Stephanie adds.  



Want to dress up your home with plants but don’t know where to start and how to take care of them? Happy Plant can help you choose the best kinds of plants depending on your space. They have a wide variety of plants from tiny pots for your desk to big and leafy potted plants to easily enhance a space, all of them taken care of with pesticide- and chemical-free fertilizers. They even have different kinds of pots to match your indoor or outdoor space, such as inspo-painted pots, local woven baskets, and a plant shelving system.

For holiday gifts, Happy Plant recommends their best-selling inspo pots, which can be customized with a specific color, message, or artwork.


Inspo pots, local weaves, original design plant stands, plant shelving system and hundreds of houseplants galore. We started a year and a half ago with the vision of helping city people greenify their home and doing that all naturally (pesticide and chemical free). Now as the year comes to an end, we recognize that the success of that vision is nothing apart from God. Thank you to the Creator and source of our creativity for all our designs and arrangements. #plantlovers #instaplants #houseplantlove #homedecorating #plantaddict #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantsofinstagram #planstagram #plantparenthood #plantpower #plantphotography #natural ?? @victorbasa

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Where to buy: Check out their Instagram page @happyplantco to know where their next market schedule will be.

Price range: Small desktop plants start at P450 but price varies depending on what you're looking for. To determine the price, they recommend you send them your specifications or requirements, or they can also work around within your set budget. 



3. Nest Plant Studio


Some people can be a little intimidated to buy plants when they live in a small space or a condo unit with little to no sunlight, but Nest Plant Studio says there is no condition too bad for a plant! If you live in a condo unit with poor lighting, they recommend Chinese Evergreens, Golden Pothos, ZZ Plants, or Snake Plants. You may also get their air-purifying plants, like Peace Lilies, Fortune Plants, or Areca Palm, to keep your space fresh and relaxing.

This coming holiday season, make sure your homes are dressed beautifully. You may also start ordering gifts to send out to your loved ones to beat the Christmas rush. Nest Plant Studio accepts orders and plant deliveries, and can even provide oculars and indoor plant styling services.




Where to buy: While they don’t have a physical store as of the moment, Nest Plant Studio constantly holds pop-up shops all over the metro. Follow them on Instagram at @nestplantstudio to check out their collections and pop-up shop dates.

Price range: You can buy their beautiful pots starting at P200 a piece but plants vary, depending on the service you require and the plants you need. Send them a DM on Instagram for more information!



4. Plant Parenthood


Did you know that not all plants are safe for when you have dogs and cats around in the house? It’s nice to know there are plant suppliers like Plant Parenthood that makes it easy to browse for plants that are non-toxic and 100 percent safe to have around if you have pets.

If you’re buying a pet-friendly plant for your house or for a friend this coming Christmas, you can order one (or all!) of the following from Plant Parenthood: air plants, spider plant, and ponytail palm. 

For something statement-making for your home, they also have nice big planters and wooden plant stands.






Where to buy: Plant Parenthood trades solely via Instagram at @plantparenthoodph. Orders may be picked up from Caferista at Brixton. They also ship around Metro Manila to Rizal area.

Price range: Plant Parenthood has a limited and ever-changing selection of on-hand items so it’s best to send a DM for quotations.



5. Pots for Plants


For something nice and dainty for your desk, check out these succulents offered by Pots for Plants, a brand that just launched its first collection in July 2017 but has grown exponentially since for their clean, minimalist design that makes all plant colors and design more pronounced. If your looking for something that's best displayed on your desk in the office or your home workspace or to give as gifts, check out their beautiful succulents that need very little maintenance. But succulents don’t have to be boring! In fact, they can look even more beautiful when you put them in nice pots and planters.

While it’s nice to keep one or two mini pots on your desk, what about displaying your succulents in a 3-tier bamboo shelf or a four-square bamboo plate to match your modern home? Grab a cute-sized watering can to display and use for your succulents, too!




For gifts this holiday season, Pots for Plants recommend their succulent arrrangements, what they call "A Gift that Grows." Succulent arrangements depend on the kind of pot you want and will be customized for you.



Where to buy: Check out and shop from their full range of products on or follow them on Instagram at to check their pop-up store schedules.

Price range: Regular ceramic pots start from as low as P120 while the shelves and bamboo plate sets start from P1095. Potted plants range from P250 to P1500. For succulent arrangements, the price depends on the pot, with the cheapest oblong dish with bamboo starting at P750 to the full round dish at P1500.



6. Succulents PH


Succulents are one of the easiest and most resilient plants to take care of, making them perfect companions inside the house or on top of your desk. These plants, usually cacti, need minimal watering, sometimes at most only once a week.

For something simple and a splash of green on your desk, start off with mini potted succulents in quirky pots like this one housed in a geometric frame from Succulents PH. For something fancier, you can opt for a cacti arrangement housed inside a glass terrarium, which is a nice accent on any desk, shelf, or wall.

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for a fellow plant lover, Succulents PH customizes their cacti terrarium, depending on your request. One of their projects was a 23-piece cacti terrarium that will sit well in any living or receiving room.





On Earth Day, we launch even more beautiful things to remind us that mother nature has given us so much help and beauty in our daily lives. #Nofilter needed for this pic! There is no Planet B, just this one we are on. Let’s all be mindful and push our #greengoals by: • planting a tree or two • using more reusable bags • walking instead of driving • adjusting the thermostat temperature or using the aircon only during summers • hanging dry when possible • buying secondhand when new isn’t necessary • cutting down on unwanted mails • unplugging or turning off electricity when not in use • taking shorter showers Let’s continually make every day Earth day. PS. These arrangements are available through online ordering only. #citygreensbySucculentsPH #SucculentsPH #cactusph #terrariumsph #beautifulph #suckerforsucculents #terrariumbySucculentsPH #earthday #dishgarden #pottedlove #gogreen #indoorplants #igersph #instahappy #instaplant #plantpeepsph #instalove #arrangement #geometric #planters #plantstyling #gardenlife #terrarium #cactusmagazine #cactuscrush #plantshelfie #shotoniphone #terrariumsph #reallivingph

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Where to buy: West Elm PH at Estancia and Central Square, BGC; Rustans Department Stores at Gateway, Shangri-La Plaza, Glorietta, and Ayala Alabang; and in select Papemelroti branches nationwide.

Price Range: Prices start at P295 for single potted succulents, while customized terrariums depend on orders and requests.



7. Smarty Plants PH


Did you know that succulents can also get sunburnt? When it comes to taking care of your succulents, make sure you know what kind of plant or cactus you’re purchasing, and ask your supplier how much water and sunlight it needs. Smarty Plants PH goes the extra mile and owner Jamie Lyn Arcega makes sure you know exactly what you’re getting, and can tailor-fit or customize different kinds of cactus and succulents, depending on what you want for yourself or for your loved one. She says, "I pot each plant as if it were for me and so I always put little personal touches. I think out of the box when it comes to creating. I always create a story in each arrangement and make sure it is a scene worth sharing."

Aside from Smarty Plants PH's succulents, we’re especially loving the quirky and unique pots that come with their plants. For single potted cacti, they have egg-shaped pots, gold-leaf pots, fancy face pots, and glass lightbulb-shaped terrariums, and so much more unique vessels! These make for great holiday gifts because each potted plant has its own personality.



Shiny Saturday morning with these goldleaf pots catching some sun. ??#shiningshimmeringsplendid

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Look forward to buying succulents and plants from Smarty Plants this coming holidays because Jamie says all their creations will come packaged in native bags or bayongs with holiday accents. 

Where to buy: Smarty Plants is available at The Craft Central in Greenbelt 5. You may also order through their online store at

Price range: Single potted plants start at P250, custom dish gardens start at P500, and terrariums start at P1500. Send them a message via Instagram at @smartyplantsph for customized orders.



8. Potted Leaf


Owner Orb del Rosario started Potted Leaf because of his enthusiasm for plants and succulents. Eventually, the small business began to grow, and they started to cater to large-scale orders for gifts and favors. It can be challenging to look for a reliable supplier for when you need to prepare and order in bulk, but if you’re looking to send out tons of gifts this Christmas, consider ordering from Potted Leaf for your peace of mind.

Apart from their customized favors and gifts, Potted Leaf also specializes in unique succulents. Their Instagram page posts customized succulents as they have it, and most of the time are only available in limited quantities. Our favorites from their limited edition collection are the zebra owl pots and Groot pot.





Gandang Groot ?????? ?? #paribbonnaflower #succulents #grootplanter #guardiansofthegalaxy #pottedleaf

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Where to buy: To find out what they have on hand or for bulk orders, check out their Instagram page at @pottedleaf or visit their website

Price range: Potted succulents can be as affordable as P280 a piece to as much as P950 for specialty pots. Air plants in glass containers are available from P150, while succulent landscapes start from P950.



9. Habil Crafts


Hábil now available at ??????

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Habil Crafts has gone full circle in terms of creating and offering products that channel nature’s beauty and give back to the community. Habil was founded on the concept of biophilic design, which seeks to marry the human need to connect to nature with the modern world. With this in mind, Habil Crafts offers handmade and carefully crafted plant products that make the most out of both worlds.

According to Marvz Conti, Creative Director at Habil, "Habil is all about reconnecting people with nature. As what our current state in the city, instead of building public parks and community areas they would build malls and parking lots. In our little way, we get to empower our customers to go back and bring the nature in even if there is limited space in their homes."

This is why from upcycled items and wooden crafts, they have transitioned into their trademark offerings that revolve around the hardy moss. Some of their products are moss arranged like a terrarium in reused lightbulbs and glass cases, while some are fitted into wooden frames to become wall art. These “mossariums” require zero maintenance.

Another signature product that’s also perfect for gifts is the Verdant by Habil, a corporate social responsibility project by Habil where a portion of the sales go to FEED Inc., Philippines, an NGO that aims to restore, preserve, and protect biodiversity and environment conservation efforts in the country.

Marvz says, "Mosses have been thriving in every part of our rain forest and that spark an idea wherein I need to bring this piece of nature anywhere I go. To remind us to pause in our busy lives and appreciate the little things."

The Verdant by Habil items, which are usually pendants of glass-enclosed moss, look really good too! Perfect for Christmas gifts, the pendants and the packages may be customized.




We carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us. - Rumi ??

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Our #VerdantbyHabil as bridesmaid wedding gifts ?????

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Where to buy: Available at Biblio branches at The 30th and UP Town Center, and in all Common Room PH branches in the metro. For online shopping, visit; for customized orders, send a message via their Instagram page at @habilcrafts.

Price range: Terrabulbs start at P379, while Moss squares start at P659. The Verdant pendants are at P449 each.



10. The Greenhouse Project


#TheGreenHouseProjectPH's potted plants are now available at Rustan's Flower Shop, Shangri-la!??

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Can you grow a plant without the need for soil and fertilizers? Apparently, yes! At The Greenhouse Project, you can start taking care of plants submerged in water or hanging in the air, with little maintenance and care.

Hydroponic systems allow certain plants to survive and grow in a container full of water, and they actually grow quicker because plant roots absorb nutrients more quickly in water than in soil, and the roots don’t have to push through compact soil.

For something more extreme and requires even less maintenance, The Greenhouse Project has air plants like the Tilly Topper Board Magnets, which are essentially Tillandsia plants installed in cork magnets and can be used to decorate your refrigerator or magnetic board. They also have Tillows, where the Tillandsia plant is housed in a pillow-like container, perfect to keep you company on the bedside for a breath of fresh air—literally. For maintenance, these air plants only require minimal watering and only need to be submerged in water every two weeks.




Be closer to nature! Start with our Tilly Topper Board Magnets! Not only will it help you stick important notes and photos, it will also brighten your personal space and give you cleaner air to breathe!?? - #TGHPOriginal - For orders and inquiries, please send it through our Facebook page (TheGreenHouseProjectPH) or email us at No photo comments, direct messages and Viber messages please. Thank you!?? - - - - - - - - #TheGreenHouseProjectPH #TGHP #succulents #succulentsPH #cactusPH #cacti #cactusmagazine #tillandsia #airplants #terrarium #openterrarium #dishgarden #pocketgarden #containergarden #hydroponics #herbs #indoorplants #plants #greenliving #green #eco #nature #pots #trylocalph #weddingsouvenirsph #partyfavorsph #giveawaysph #weddingsph

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Where to buy: The Greenhouse Project plants and accessories are available at Bratpack, Case Study, Common Room, CO/OP Manila, Invitation House, Labrador, Rustan's Flower Shop, and The Craft Central.



11. Qach Lifestyle and Garden


Another great store to check out if you’re looking to fill your indoors and gardens with plants is Qach (pronounced as “catch”). The brand was born from owner Ludette Querubin’s love for greens, and materialized after her trip to Holland where she was able to get access to affordable and diverse options of plants and plant accessories. Now, Qach hosts a wide variety of local plants and international items from brands like Capi Europe, one of the biggest companies that carry unique and eco-friendly gardening essentials; and garden pots brand Elho.

The collaboration with these international brands fill Qach with interesting plant accessories, perfect for every home, like this Elho Aquacare watering system, which can hold up to 350ml of water and automatically releases water into the soil whenever necessary; these colorful Elho planters that come in seven different colors; and Mica Decorations’ matt test tube holder, where you can propagate plant cuttings in water.





Where to buy: Qach has three physical stores throughout the metro: at Ayala Malls The 30th in Ortigas, Alabang Town Center, and Solenad in Ayala Malls Nuvali. They also ship orders via Air21.

Price range: Send Qach the kinds of plants you need for a quotation, but their accessories are pretty reasonably priced. The Elho planters retail for P1000 each, the test tube holder starts at P850, and the Aquacare watering system is priced at P650 for a pack of two.



12. Tierra Plants


What makes Tierra Plants different from other plant providers is that the brand comes from a family with more than 30 years of passion and experience in horticulture and landscape design. Partners Jojo and Bern Victoriano says that the thrust of Tierra Plants is to personalize every space to reflect your personality and address your plant needs.

Tierra Plants has a great collection of plants that you can browse and order through their website,, but the owners recommend buyers to send a photo of the space that they want to fill with plants and from there, they can recommend what you should buy depending on how it would look on the space and how much sunlight and care the plant needs.  

Apart from plants, they also offer quirky wired planters sourced from Antipolo, and smart planting accessories like this LeGrow Sunshine Indoors, a product from Singapore that produces sunlight-like light for your indoor plants.

For this upcoming holiday season, Tierra Plants suggests to use a fresh Podocarpus Maki for your Christmas Tree instead of the usual artificial tree. Dress it with ribbons and décor, and then keep it around even after the holidays.





Where to buy: Browse through their products at or check out their work on Instagram at @tierraplants.

Price range: Prices for tabletop plants start at P300, medium-sized plants from P1000 to P1500, and tall floor plants can cost from P3000 to P5000. The LeGrow Sunshine Indoors is priced at a surprisingly affordable price of P2750.



13. Plantui Smart Gardening


Plantui comes in 3 colors to match your home or personal style! Which one is your favorite? ??

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Grow a plant indoors without soil? Yup, that’s totally possible now! Plantui is the first hydroponic smart garden that enables you to nurture high-growing plants at home without the need for soil and extreme maintenance. The brand hails from Finland, born from the passion of Janne Loiske for gardening in his summer cottage, and his desire to bring the experience of gardening in back into the city.

"The company believes that small joys, such as harvesting from your own garden, should be available to everyone. The brand's slogan embodies this: Everyone Deserves a Garden," says Plantui's Howard Chuahiock.

Plantui’s highly techie pots are designed to be super efficient, provide light that’s equivalent to sunlight, and water plants automatically with their intelligent irrigation system that pumps water to the roots one to seven times a day, depending on the plant’s needs. In fact, the water tank only needs to be filled once every 2 to 3 weeks. No more forgetting to water your plants daily! It’s basically a smart plant!

You can grow your seeds to salads in just four weeks and keep your indoor plants healthy and in a beautiful container all-year long. Grow basil, kale, thyme, arugula, and all kinds of herbs and plants. No fuss, no effort, and fail-proof, too!




Where to buy: There are displays and limited stocks in Rustans Makati, Rustans Shangri-La Edsa, and Hobbes and Landes at Edsa Shangri-La. You ca also visit their online shop at Plantui Philippines Myshopify or visit their Instagram page at @plantuiph.

Price Range: The Plantui 6 Smart Garden costs P15,850 while the seeds start from P430.


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