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6 Genius Home Design Hacks From Carson Kressley And Thom Filicia

What do you get when you bring together two hilarious design personalities in television? A crazy TV program that will leave you inspired and laughing your heart out.

Get a Room with Carson and Thom features fashion extraordinaire Carson Kressley as he pushes his design instinct with interior designer Thom Filicia. Reuniting after the success of Queer Eye, the BFFs now visit homes big and small to help them renovate and reinvigorate their rooms—from haunted spaces to mansions you thought only exist in your dreams.


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But what’s great about the dynamics of Carson and Thom is that they are able to marry their expertise, and come up with unique and creative design concepts to fit their clients' demands and budget.

If you’re looking to redesign anytime soon, here are some genius design hacks straight from Get a Room with Carson and Thom.


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1. Use self-stick wallpaper.


If you’re not putting wallpaper on a whole wall or you’re just renting a space, a self-stick wallpaper is a great option since it’s easy to install and remove without having to bother with wallpaper paste. It also leaves no residue behind so it’s perfect for when you need to keep a wall usable and clean after removal.

As Carson puts it, after you’re done putting it on, you’ll even have enough leftover for a 70s headband!


2. Try a no-sew hem tape for curtains.


Making a curtain from scratch is pretty cool since you’ll have the freedom to choose the fabric, and it's definitely cheaper than buying ready-made curtains from the store. If you decide to do one from scratch, you can save yourself some time sewing the material by hemming the curtain with no-sew hem tapes. Stick the adhesive at the end of the fabric, fold, and then iron—and you’re done!


3. Delineate spaces in a large room with a rug.


A rug brightens a room, adds character to a certain area, and can even improve the air quality of the room compared to those with hard floors. And when it comes to designing huge spaces like a mansion-size living room, rugs play an important role.

The secret to designing large spaces is by sectioning it in such a way that each particular space is and can be used differently, but that all of the segments eventually come together as a whole. Rugs demarcate spaces in a large room without having to actually put lines or dividers, keeping everything segregated but cohesive as a whole just the same.


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4. Soften stone with curtains and shades of red.


Stone can sometimes look a little intimidating and cold. When you’re working with a room with a lot of stones, you can soften the area and make it a little warmer by incorporating colors like red and draping curtains wherever applicable.


5. Use veneer to upscale or invigorate any surface.


Sometimes, there are surfaces or furniture that can still be used and refreshed to look new. A veneer sheet is an inexpensive customizable covering that can adhere to any surface like wallpaper, and can be used to give new life to old pieces. Veneer is popular because it is more economical that solid wood or stone slabs.

In one of the rooms that Carson and Thom needed to fix, they were challenged to change up a stone fireplace that made the room a little too ancient. To remedy this, instead of tearing down the stone fireplace, they built plywood over the stone and covered it with a veneer sheet for a more modern finish.


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6. Go for custom valances for window.


A window valance is a window treatment that covers the upper part of the window to hide drapery hardware and add character to the room. For a studio unit they’re redecorating, Carson decided to create a simple DIY valance to match the room’s bespoke theme. Use a spray adhesive on a plywood, wrap with your desired fabric, and then staple at the back to secure.


Get more design hacks and catch the charismatic duo of Carson and Thom in Get a Room with Carson and Thom, airing on Metro Channel, channel 52 on Sky Cable and channel 174 on HD, starting March 14, Thursday, 8:30 p.m. Catch replays throughout the week.