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7 Tips We Picked Up From Jessy Mendiola's Marie Kondo-Inspired Closet Decluttering

The season of spring cleaning is almost upon us, and we're letting Jessy Mendiola lead the way with tips for how to get ready for our annual closet clean-up! Using her own wardrobe to show us how it's done, Jessy walks us through all she's learned about how to maintain a closet that Marie Kondo would approve of. 

Here's everything we learned from her!



Do not, ever, let go of a classic

In Jessy's case, it was a little black dress that she said she's worn repeatedly to both date night and nights out with the girls. When a piece of clothing is that versatile and reliable, why give it up? As any stylist and fashionsita will advise you, keep items that can be worn in multiple settings and can be camouflaged with accessories, outwear, shoes, and even makeup—your ROI on them will be unmatched. 


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Make donations an option

This goes for both clothes and more importantly, random stuff (a.k.a. the lurkers in that bottom drawer you haven't opened in years) that you no longer really use or need anymore. Novelty items, collections that were never put on display, old toys, giveaways, and small trinkets deserve to be given to those who might actually find, yes, joy in holding them, whether they be families from underserved communities or youth-targeted NGOs. 


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For the serious traveler, invest in outerwear

Be mindful about the jackets, coats, and even cardigans you decide to give away.

As one of the more expensive pieces of clothing there is, the adaptable jacket is an avid traveler's wardrobe BFF and you can't not have one on hand at all times! Surprise trips can come up any time of the year, and if you're not prepared for a holiday to a city with a cooler climate, you don't want to be scrambling to buy one in Manila where choices are limited, or worse, overspending for a piece you hope to find (and might not) when you get to your destination. 


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Never be "too lazy" for the fitting room

We've all been guilty of assuming that a piece of clothing fits us perfectly just because it "looks" right. Come the occasion we want to wear our new skirt, dress, or pants to, we find out it doesn't fit it all, and only then do we regret not taking the extra 10 minutes to make sure we purchased the right size. You'll save yourself the trouble from clearing a closet dotted with unused clothes like this with this simple rule. 


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Explore customizability

We get it, there are just some clothes that are too valuable to give away because they fit you like an absolute glove, but you know that you've simply worn them way too often. To remedy this, Jessy suggests that you consider having a favorite piece altered to give it a new spin; maybe some beading on a formal long dress you've worn to multiple weddings, or add a strap or belt to a cocktail dress that's great for office after parties and dressy Sunday brunches alike. 


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Arrange by category

It's a small action with big payoff. Arranging clothes as well as shoes bags by color (or any other category that will help you organize items more efficiently) will actually help you see what you have a lot of, what you have too much of, and where you still have leeway for shopping sprees. It's your first line of defense from duplicate buying and worse, hoarding. 


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Say "no" to shoping for the sake of shopping 

Just because it's in season or what's trendy right now doesn't always mean it deserves a spot in your closet. Repeatedly, Jessy emphasizes that it's completely okay to skip certain styles if you're not a hundred percent comfortable in them. The point of  fashion is for clothes and accessories to make you feel the best version of yourself—not to become a fashion victim. You risk filling closet space with items you've only ever used once (or never at all) should you ignore this useful tip!


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Photos from @senorita_jessy

Stills from "#SenoritaJessyIsInLove With Change & Beginnings: Closet Raid & Decluttering" video on the Jessy Mendiola YouTube channel