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5 Edible And Practical Plants And Flowers Your Garden Needs Now

Does your backyard need some love ASAP? If you’re planning to remodel your backyard or garden soon, or you’re just wanting to plant some new flora, check out these flowers and plants that are not just beautiful, but are also functional. Some can be eaten, some ward off bugs, and some are great companions to your other plants. Practical planning at its finest!


1. Dandelions


Dandelions are pretty versatile and can grow virtually in any season as they are very resilient to every weather condition. What’s great about dandelions being planted alongside other plants is that it’s friendly towards its neighboring plants and flowers since its taproot brings up nutrients for shallower-rooting plants, and adds minerals and nitrogen to the soil.

Did you know that the whole dandelion flower can be eaten? Dandelion greens can be eaten cooked or raw, and is a great source of many vitamins like Vitamin A, C, and K, and minerals like iron and calcium. The root can also be dried and consumed as tea which is great for maintaining healthy bacterial flora in your stomach. The dandelion also has many medicinal effects and can treat upset stomach, intestinal gas, gallstones, joint pain, muscle aches, eczema, and more.


2. Lemongrass


Sometimes, you’d find bugs and mosquitoes frequenting stagnant water in your backyard like ponds and pools. To ward off these bugs, it’s best to plant lemongrass, which is not only a versatile herb with many medicinal properties, but also a great plant that wards off mosquitoes.

One particular house that’s being remodeled in Metro Channel’s Backyard Envy is located beside a pond, where mosquitoes can breed. To keep the mosquitoes off the backyard garden, the landscapers chose to plant lemongrass, citronella geranium, and lemon thyme.

Lemongrass is also great for cooking and is rich with vitamins and minerals. For drinking, lemongrass tea is effective in treating stomach infections, nausea, and constipation.


3. Lemon thyme


Another great mosquito repellant, the lemon thyme has a citrus smell that mosquitoes hate that’s why they tend to stay away from it. Imagine your garden smelling lemon-y, with tiny flowers that attract bees to aid the pollination of its surrounding plants.

Amongst many garden plants, the lemon thyme is one of the most powerful medicinal herbs, with tons of medicinal benefits. It can alleviate many respiratory tract illnesses like bronchitis, cough, and tonsillitis. It also has many diuretic properties, helping with upset stomach, bloating, and gastritis. It has antifungal properties that can protect against lice and scabies, and makes for a great antiseptic mouthwash.


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4. Goat’s beard


Goat’s beard is a part of the rose family and is a beautiful-looking plant that’s best used as a tall ground cover for large areas. Since the plant grows densely, it is also great as a background plant or for holding invasive plants at bay. When planting, try to leave plenty of room for it as it can grow up to 6 feet across.

The budlings, stems, and young leaves are also edible and can be cooked. Tea made from goat’s beard is used to alleviate diarrhea or bathe swollen feet and rheumatic joints.


5. Orchids

Image from Unsplash


Orchids can be a pretty difficult flower to maintain, but when successfully taken care of, can be quite hardy. They also have beautiful color combinations that are very pleasant to the garden. They may be grown depending on your garden needs as they can live on the ground, attached to woody plants, or under the ground.

What’s great about orchids is that it also helps purify the air. They're effective at removing xylene from the air and releasing oxygen at night, making them ideal for indoor gardens as well.


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Check out this beautiful remodeled backyard from Backyard Envy using these practical and functional plants.



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