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You Have To See Kim Jones And Jericho Rosales' Super Cool And Stylish Scandinavian Home


Aside from looks and talent, the one thing a lot of would-be stars have in their back pockets is a story that ordinary people can identify with—a story of humble beginnings, and of that tough and determined declaration that, “One day, I’m going to make it big, I’m going to see my name up there, and live the kind of life I’ve always wanted.”

Unbelievably, this is just how life turned out for actor and singer Jericho Vibar Rosales. Twenty years ago, he was just another young dreamer. Today, he is a mainstream and indie film actor with a solid resume, acting awards, albums, endorsements, a barbershop business, and this impressive three-storey, five-bedroom house with a swimming pool in one of Quezon City’s exclusive villages; his fellow Star Magic artist Kim Chiu is a neighbor, and Claudine Barretto lives a few streets away.

This is the same house from which Jericho rescued neighbors whose low-lying homes were flooded when Typhoon Ondoy hit in 2009. Jericho used two surfboards: a nine-foot long one, and a six-foot board, to reach and rescue his stranded neighbors. He still keeps the six-foot surfboard, which we spot resting against the wall in one corner of the living room.

The house, which consists of two halves connected by a bridgeway in the middle, sits on a 1,000-square meter property raised several meters from the street, affording an excellent view of the neighborhood and its tree-lined pathways.

Designed by Jericho’s friend and surfing buddy Gian Carlo “Buji Brownlegs” Libarnes, the house has become a tourist attraction in the village. Jericho and his wife Kim Jones share it with their household staff, one adopted cat, and three dogs. We were told that when a neighbor wanted to sell his home—which overlooks the pool area of Jericho’s house with its bleached wood deck—he would tell prospective buyers, “Malapit sa bahay ni Jericho Rosales.”

It’s a far cry from Jericho’s dramatic childhood and life story, where he would experience moving around a lot with his family because, in some cases, they couldn’t meet rental payments. “Minsan nga, nagtatago kami ni mama sa may-ari kasi nga wala kaming pambayad,” recalls Jericho. These were obviously not the best of times for him or his family. Like any family, they had their bad days, and that’s when Jericho felt the desperation most acutely. But everything in life happens for a reason, and, to Jericho at least, it is clear why his story had to be written this way.

Through it all, Jericho stayed positive and prayerful. The young Jericho was strong and a fighter, and he had big dreams. 



The Sweet Life

Today, Jericho is happily married to stunning host, lifestyle blogger, and digital influencer Kim Jones. The couple tied the knot in Boracay in May 2014.

When they first met, says Kim, Jericho didn’t get her sense of humor and had problems with her Australian accent. But a shared love of the beach and music, plus their faith in God, is what helped draw them together. The couple attend church service regularly and try to maintain what a pastor once told them: “To be HOT (an acronym that stands for ‘humble, open and teachable’).” So far, says Kim, their life together has been great, and Jericho has been a “fabulous” husband.

Kim has brought numerous changes to the way Jericho lives. Although Kim admits that she’s not much for cooking or baking, she has her own life while still being one half of a couple. Kim is very much her own woman, with her own ideas about what married life should be.

“It’s just not something I choose to be,” she explains about the “cooking and baking” thing. “I don’t think every wife has to be a Martha Stewart to be a good wife. You can show love in so many different ways. I have plenty of friends who love cooking and baking, that’s their passion, but that’s not how I would describe myself as a wife.” As a wife, Kim says, she’s “very loving.” Jericho describes Kim as “extraordinarily patient” with him. “My darling Jericho, we all have moments, but yes, he has a few more moments than I do,” she says with a laugh.

Jericho has a more street-wise way of describing the woman who now shares his life, although you realize he means it in the most affectionate way possible. “She’s a tough chick, astig ‘to.”

Sally Balasbas, Echo’s personal assistant, has seen them in some of their unguarded moments, when they have their little arguments. “May mga maliliit na bagay lang na hindi pinagkakaintindihan. Ang madalas nilang pagtalunan ay oras talaga. Punctual kasi si Ms. Kim. At saka si Echo, ang bilis magbago ng isip, fickleminded. Eh si Ms. Kim, kung may sinabi siya, ’yun na talaga ’yun.

Kim admits: “Yes, that’s one of the things we butt heads on, time management, punctuality, organization. But he’s aware of that now.”

Jericho agrees: “She brings organization to this house, from grocery lists to Christmas lists, she wraps the gifts… I’m the handyman in this house, I’ll take care of what needs fixing, but she’s very organized, and very loving. She loves her staff; she likes taking care of them.”

Like any other couple, they have their arguments. When those happen, the couple gets “HOT,” something they learned from a sermon their pastor gave in church. “HOT,” Kim reveals, is an acronym for “Humble, Open and Teachable.”

Part of that is learning to adjust and adopt new habits. Since Kim came into his life, “I’m now (more) organized and good with money,” he says.

“We’re still working on things, and yes, he’s more aware of time now, but I think his biggest improvement, is he goes around the house saying ‘OHIO’, ‘OHIO’ for different tasks. That means ‘Only handle it once’. So if you have ten e-mails, just look at them once, handle them, then get rid of them. That’s how he deals with things now, or at least he’s trying,” she reveals about her husband.

He has also learned to respect his body more, because he wants to grow old with Kim. “I want to be 60 and still be able to carry her,” he says. He started eating healthier (they take more grains and fish, and try to consume less pork and fat). They also work out together. This is part of Kim’s influence on him.

Having meals together is also something they enjoy. “Our maid cooks,” says Jericho. “Our breakfasts are easy. Kami ni Kim, we cook together. We do things together. We’re both equal sa bahay. We deal with almost everything together. Lunch, dinner, parties (the day of the shoot, they were in the middle of organizing a party for their wedding ninongs and ninangs, and were discussing whether they wanted salmon on the menu).”

They both have thriving, busy careers, but make a conscious effort to do things together despite the conflicts in their schedules. Sometimes they work out together, or, as they did on one occasion, watch the soccer games or practices of Jericho’s son Santino (or Saint).

No matter which part of the world these globetrotting individuals may be, Kim and Jericho know they both always have this place to come home to.


Here's a look inside their chic and happy home:


Jericho with his beagle Atticus. The name is Latin for “Man of Attica” but also refers to a fictional character in Harper Lee’s novel To Kill a Mockingbird. Jericho, who loves pets, also owns a Golden Retriever named Ocean (inspired by his love for the beach and passion for surfing) and another dog named Maskara. He also has a cat.


A Marshall speaker is displayed in the living room of their home, giving a focal point to the bare wall by the staircase.


Jericho’s six-foot surfboard which he used to rescue stranded neighbors during 2009 when Typhoon Ondoy hit Metro Manila.


A zoomed-out view of the living room of Echo and Kim’s house. The area has a relaxed vibe and is done in neutral tones. One wall is lined with album covers in black and white. Echo also keeps a guitar, a vintage, rotary-dial telephone and a turntable that actually works (and which he used to spin vinyl records during the shoot). The books on the center table are mostly titles on fashion and belong to Echo’s wife Kim.


Here's Echo relaxing in his home office. Wife Kim also has a separate office. But whether he’s at work in front of the cameras, or kicking back here at home, Echo remains essentially the same. He describes himself as a “fun-loving, God-fearing, family-oriented barkada boy na mahilig sa adventure." He is a thinker and dreamer who always tries to make good on his dreams, but even when things don’t happen according to plan, he never gets upset. He rides out the rough spots, prays and stays positive all the time. 


When he was younger, Jericho’s dream was to give his family a house of their own. This home—which sits on a 1,000 square meter property in an exclusive village in Quezon City—is the fulfillment of that dream. His Mommy Rose becomes teary-eyed whenever she looks at the house. She never thought that her son’s dreams would come to this. The house also has its own swimming pool on the ground floor, with seating areas where the couple can entertain guests for outdoor barbecues or grill parties.


Kim's home office is reflective of her cool and chic fashion aesthetic. The predominantly cream space is made interesting with pops of patterns and textures that altogether keep its sophisticated look.


Jericho says almost every room in the house is his favorite spot. When the house was being designed, his friend Buji Libarnes asked what he wanted. Jericho said only that he wanted “a lot of rooms." He also wanted a room that had a tube that went straight down to the pool, but “he didn’t do that—and I’m grateful he didn’t,” says Jericho. The house has open areas that flow into each other, allowing for easy access and movement from one area to another.? 


The man of the house looking out at the surrounding neighborhood from the second-floor bridgeway that connects the two halves of the house. Jericho is very proud of the house. He bought the land in 2006. “It’s such an attraction sa village namin,” he says of the house. “I think it’s the first of its kind. People would stop in front of the house and take pictures. Tapos ngayon madami na akong nakikita na almost ganito ang style sa village namin, so I’m really proud. Buji is such a great designer.”?


Jericho and Kim with their “baby," their Golden Retriever Ocean. GRs are a large-sized breed of dog that loves the water and is a devoted and obedient family companion. Ocean can sometimes intimidate visitors to Echo and Kim’s home because of his size, but he’s really quite affectionate, as most Golden Retrievers are.


The lounging area in one corner of the couple’s bedroom. The house has a total of five rooms including the maids’ room. In addition, there is one studio, one office (for Kim), one basement office (for Jericho), a dirty kitchen and a walk-in closet. Most of the time, though, Kim likes to stay in the bedroom “when she’s lazy,” laughs her husband. But she does her yoga and works out in the living room. She also loves the pool a lot. That’s where they bond with Atticus and Ocean.


This story was originally published in StarStudio magazine.


Photographs by Shaira Luna