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6 Easy DIY Home Projects To Spruce Up Your Spaces While Under Quarantine

Make the most of your time at home, and take on a few easy design projects to reinvigorate your favorite rooms and corners

The weeks-long lockdown may have us feeling a little cramped with cabin fever. But if you think of it as an opportunity to do improve on your space, then it'll be time home well used. Here are some ways you can can easily spruce up your space to give it a fresh, new, and open vibe.    

1. An organized kitchen

Cooking is fun for many people, but after a month of churning out meals, it may now feel like a tedious chore. Spice up your experience in the kitchen, and feel more inspired to feed yourself and your family with a beautiful, efficient space.  

Make your kitchen feel brand-new by incorporating a few accessories around the area. For extra convenience and storage, place a wooden tray on your countertop for veggies and fruits. You can keep as well all your favorite herbs and spices within reach by installing spice racks like these from Heim and SEFA


2. Faucet upgrade

Another quick and easy kitchen upgrade is to replace your faucets with something sleek and shiny like this piece from SEFA. It instantly gives your kitchen a modern feel, and can even make dishwashing more efficient. All it takes is a few minutes to install.


3. Streamlined knobs and handles

Changing doorknobs and cabinet handles are an effective yet powerful way of upgrading the look of your home. Match the doorknobs and handles all throughout the house to give it a cohesive look.


New handles and door knobs are not only more pleasing to the eye, they’re also easier to clean.  

Check out these sleek options from Pozzi and Direct Hardware.


4. Lightplay with mirrors

Light, when used well and strategically, can make a room feel brighter and bigger, giving you a sense of more breathing room. You can redirect natural light into your spaces just by hanging a well-placed mirror.  The best place to hang one is opposite a window. Mirrors with a metallic frame are great for most modern homes as they complement most styles.  

Match your mirrors with table lamps to accent the different corners of your living room or bedroom.  

Alphalux and Heim have wide selections of mirrors and light fixtures ideal for embellishing your home.

5. Change the mood with paint  

Colors greatly affect one’s mood. Dark painted walls, though cool and sophisticated, may make the space feel a little cramped. If you want to create a feeling of calm and relaxation, while tricking the mind to think that a space is bigger than it really is, why not try painting your room in a lighter and softer shade. It’s the perfect DIY project to do while on lockdown.

All you need are a few brushes and quarts of paint. You can even mix your own preferred shade. You can even make redecorating a family affair by allowing your kids to give a few of your favorite pieces a new paint job. Do it right and make less mistakes using quality brushes from Truper.


5. Add some green

While we may have to stay at home, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a little sunshine outside. Just sitting in the garden and delighting at all the blooms and greens can do wonders for your well-being.   Tend to your garden using the right tools like those from P.Tech and Truper. Trim the bushes and keep the yard well-manicure, so that the family can make the most of your play dates at home.  

You can even bring a feel of the outside indoors, by setting up a corner and installing a few grass carpets for the kids. It’s perfect for a “family picnic” inside.
  While the lockdown is set to be lifted in a few weeks, families are sure to spend more time at home. Start creating a checklist of the things you’ll need for your home improvement projects
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