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IN PHOTOS: Adapt These Lessons From Memorable K-Drama Office Sets For Your WFH Area

These K-Drama offices will make you want to re-create your work and study areas

Working from home has been a reality for many, now for seven months and counting.  Since the beginning of the imposed quarantine period, a lot of people have discovered that the home is truly the next big venue for investment.  In an Architectural Digest feature, writer Danine Alati suggests the seven things clients will want in a home post -COVID 19.  Not surprisingly, the home’s layout will be revisited, veering away from the popular modern open layout, in favor of well-defined spaces with a consideration for work from home areas that provide a conducive atmosphere for several members of the family who need to perform their jobs at home.  Coupled with online education, our homes are truly hosting a large bulk, if not all, of our activities during the pandemic.  When this is all over, many may opt to continue with this set-up.  As such, we’ve made gathered inspiration and design pointers from some K-Drama office set-ups.  Not only do K-Dramas provide hours and many nights of entertainment.  They also have evolved to be design-driven vehicles for the latest and the trendiest looks from which to gain creative solutions for living.   Many of these illustrate some simple rules for our physical and mental well-being. Among the basic requirements of a good workplace we must consider: