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Pritzker Prize Winning British Architecture Firm Designs Luxury Digs in Makati's Ayala Avenue

In every major city you’ll have ‘that Address’, the one that’s the most posh, the most highly-regarded, and most coveted by the ones who ‘belong’ ̶ STRC’s The Estate Makati is out to become that very thing when it comes to residential condominiums

STRC is quite simply the joint venture of the Sy and Ty families to put up what stands to be the most ultra-luxury residential condominium of Metro Manila. Located on the last empty lot of the residential section of Ayala Avenue, Makati; you could accuse me of being facetious for referring to STRC and The Estate with ‘quite simply’, for that’s like calling a Rolls Royce or a Ferrari, ‘quite simply a car’. By joining forces for this development, the two families are out to make this address, The Estate Makati, the nonpareil.

STRC's The Estate Makati designed by Foster + Partners

To make this happen, they’ve tapped Foster + Partners of London, the globally-renowned architecture and integrated design firm headed by Lord Norman Foster. In 1999, Sir Norman was awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize, often referred to as the Nobel Prize of Architecture. And in 2007, for his work on the University of Technology Petronas n Malaysia, Foster was given the Aga Khan Award for Architecture. He’s also received the Lynn S. Beedle Lifetime Achievement Award from the Council of Tall Buildings & Urban Habitat.

The 30 St Mary Axe known as the Gherkin in London, the Apple Park ‘campus’ in Cupertino, California, the HSBC Building in Hong Kong, the new Wembley Stadium, the Hong Kong International Airport - these are just some of the structures and landmarks that Foster + Partners have their name attached to. And now, for the very first time, a building here in Manila will be designed by the Foster firm.

Given the provenance of Foster + Partners, there was a decidedly British slant to the Thanksgiving Launch Party that STRC held to publicly announce The Estate. The Grand Hyatt Ballroom became The Cavern in Liverpool for one night, as STRC flew in the Beatles tribute band of the West End show Let It Be. That’s being quintessentially British in a manner that everyone would understand and enjoy. Whether you’re young or old, so many Beatles tunes are immediately recognizable and well-loved. And on the Estate’s Thanksgiving night, it didn’t take long for the band to get a number of guests off their feet and swaying to their renditions of Beatles hits.

The Let It Be Beatles tribute band who perform at the West End, London
The guest list that night? Think the tycoons, the taipans, the billionaires of the Philippines. If you had a list of all those personages and luminaries of Philippine industry and commerce but couldn’t place faces to those names, all you had to was be present that Monday night, and you’d know what the great majority of those names looked like. It was the Sy and Ty families inviting, and practically everyone who’s anyone were ready to show their support.

Co-Chairmen Henry Sy Jr. and Alfred Ty introduced the Estate before dinner was served. They kept it short and sweet with the speeches, as the crowd assembled knew what the joint venture was all about. If Ayala Avenue in decades past was like our version of Park Avenue in Manhattan, The Estate would soon be rising on the very last vacant piece of real estate along that Avenue.

STRC Co-Chairmen Henry Sy Jr. and Alfred Ty at The Estate Thanksgiving party
As for The Estate, Foster + Partners are out to ensure it’ll only feature the very best and latest technology. Double slab structures will used for The a Estate, the first global application on a residential basis. This means versatility, as lay-outs and configurations can change as time moves on. The facade will be made of precast stain resistant material, while double glazed windows will provide more than adequate insulation, controlling heat and noise.
Rendering of The Estate
If you visit all the residential condominiums along Ayala Avenue, the lobby entrances are located on Apartment Ridge Road. The Estate will have its entrance on Apartment Ridge, but a winding, inclined driveway will drop you off at the entrance, whose orientation will be facing Ayala Avenue - something that’s completely unique for the structures found on Ayala.

There definitely will be something very singular and special about The Estate; and it’s price points alone guarantee that eventually, it will house a very unique community.

Interior perspective of The Estate