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Verniece Enciso Turns Her Attic Into An Elegant Closet And Office

She wanted her closet to look like a bridal store and a cafe at the same time!

Nowadays, more and more people are fixing up their houses. It has become a trend this 2020, especially since people are spending most of their time at home. Makeovers could be as simple as shopping for new furniture pieces to add to their room or could go as big as major renovations to make their houses feel homier. One person who is currently going through a house makeover is entrepreneur/blogger Verniece Enciso.

In her recent YouTube video, Verniece discusses the process she went through to make over her closet. She reveals that although she wanted to slowly buy pieces to renovate the area, she decided instead to team up with Gussy Design to be able to make her dream closet come to life.

Through Gussy, she was able to get help from licensed and experienced interior designers trained by Empire Designs, a premier Traditional Interior Design firm in the country. It made the renovation simpler and hassle-free.

Verniece explained that one of the first steps in renovating her closet was to fill out a form on the Gussy App in order for them to determine what she wanted to do with her closet. “It’s so easy guys! I think it will only take you less than 2 minutes,” she gushed.

The Gussy form would ask you questions like which room in your house you are planning on renovating, what style do you want for the room, and what color scheme do you prefer, just to name a few. She even gave them her Pinterest deck so that they can understand her inspiration more. Also, you don’t even have to worry about it being too expensive! Gussy is flexible with this, so you can definitely work within your given budget.

Through a number of back and forth between Verniece and Gussy, they were able to finalize a design. She decided that she wanted her closet to look like a bridal store and a cafe at the same time since it’s going to be her closet, office and shooting area. The plans for the room were minimalist yet feminine, truly matching the pegs Verniece was going for.

Here are some of the plans for her closet/office:

1. Maximize All Corners of the Room

There’s no space to waste! Verniece asked Gussy to maximize the room. Since she shoots all the time in her closet, she wanted to make sure that all corners of the room are useable for her content but at the same time aesthetically pleasing.

2. Retain Open Closet Design

Verniece wanted to retain her open closet since prefers her clothes to be hung rather than folded, making it easier for her to see her clothes. However, she worries that the bars holding her clothes might break anytime soon. So, instead of her clothes hanging from the wall, Gussy recommended to have a stylish clothing rack to hold her clothes instead. Gussy even suggested to have a drape infront of the clothing area so that she could also use it as her studio background whenever she’s filming.

3. Make The Room Brighter

Since her closet is located in the attic of her house, there are only 2 windows in the room. It tends to get dark in the area very early. Being a nocturnal person where she works until the wee hours, Verniece wanted to have more light fixtures to brighten up the room.

4. Add Indoor Plants

The focal point of the room is the desk in the center, with clothing racks and a full-length mirror around it. Verniece believes that having greenery can definitely give life to an area, so indoor plants will be added beside the full-length mirror.

5. Create Additional Storage Space

In the attic, there is a shoe rack area which she does not use. Since the attic can get very humid, it could destroy her leather products. So, instead of wasting the space, she requested to transform it into additional storage space for her accessories, makeup, and skincare. Verniece even opted to take down the vanity area in her closet that she barely uses to have more storage.

6. Have A Lounge Area

Since Verniece will be spending most of her time here, she wanted to a have lounge area to complete the room. It could be used for when she’s receiving guests and could also be a spot for her to take breaks after a long busy day working.

Wow! With all of those plans, we really can’t wait see what her future closet/office will look like!

Photographs Screen Grabbed from Verniece's YouTube Channel