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Refresh Your Kitchen Area With Color Trends For 2021

Give the hearth of your home a makeover with Pantone’s colors of the year, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating

Another year has gone and everyone is yearning for a fresh start. Having a warm and uplifting ambiance in your home surely is a must! For the upcoming year, Pantone chose the neutral Ultimate Gray [PANTONE 17-5104] and a stunning shade of yellow called Illuminating [PANTONE 13-0647] as colors of the year.  It is the perfect contrast of colors that encapsulates elegance, positivity, and cheerfulness. It is both warm and friendly but not overwhelming to look at. To achieve the right balance of colors and decors for your interior, here are some tips and refined items you can add to your kitchen space.

Liven up your whole space with adequate lighting

A well-lit kitchen makes the whole area appear more spacious and inviting. It elevates the whole design of your space making it more aesthetically pleasing. Also, having sufficient lighting allows you to prep and cook more efficiently. Alphalux offers long-lasting and stylish pendant lamps that can fit on kitchen counters and match your new trendy interior.

Alphalux LED pendant lamp | Courtesy of Wilcon

Protect and beautify your wall using backsplashes

Aside from adding value to the kitchen design, backsplashes also serve as wall protection against stains and water damage. It allows you to clean your walls quickly and avoid permanent damage from all the splatters when cooking as well as water droplets from the sink area. Backsplashes also work as a seal to protect against pest infiltration. You can find durable and sophisticated wall tiles from Rocersa Ceramica that comes with various shades of gray. They carry a wide array of tiles made to withstand different causes of damage to the walls.

Rocersa Ceramica tiles | Courtesy of Wilcon

Keep your kitchen air fresh and clean

Another factor to consider when improving your kitchen area is air quality. Since the kitchen is the busiest part of the house, it is often left with a foul scent that lingers around for hours. Rangehoods remove all excess smoke, steam, fumes, odors, and other unwanted byproducts of cooking. It can also minimize the settling of steaming grease particles keeping your kitchen cleaner and healthier. Get the best-quality of range hoods from Hamden. They offer different sizes of range hoods that can complement your kitchen.

Hamden rangehood | Courtesy of Wilcon

Add kitchen organizers to complete the look

A clean kitchen is a healthy kitchen. Keep your tools, utensils, essentials, and other accessories in place with kitchen organizers from Home Basics. They offer fruit baskets, cutlery holders, adjustable sink organizers, mug holders, and many more maintaining a tidy-looking kitchen. You can make your kitchen into a clutter-free space with these organizers that gives extra storage for your kitchen. 

Clockwise from Top Left: Home Basics fruit basket, mug holder, adjustable sink organizer, and cutlery holder | Courtesy of Wilcon

Give life to your space with accent pieces

Having an accent piece in your kitchen space captures the eye of your guest with its distinct feature. Placing bar stools is a perfect piece for your kitchen island. This Heim bar stool goes beyond mere functionality but could complement your contemporary design theme. This accent piece boasts a beautifully curved seat for comfort and style and is made up of high quality polypropylene plastic and sturdy metal legs. With its bright color, it will surely elevate the vibe of your kitchen space.

Heim bar stool | Courtesy of Wilcon

Maximize your kitchen space

An excellent way to store your kitchen essentials without causing clutter are wall-mounted shelves. They create a seamless look while adding style to your walls. You can also use shelves for your decor needs including recipe books and plant holders. Adding colors and small pieces will make your kitchen look more lively and pleasant. You can find different wooden-finished shelves as well as a variety of designs for plant holders from Heim

Heim wall-mounted shelf and plant holder | Courtesy of Wilcon

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