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10 Plant Care Tools That Will Help You Make Your Garden Grow

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Tending to indoor plants and gardening are all the rage these days!  If you’ve decided to hop into the bandwagon, make sure that you have all the proper tools you need to make your plants grow.  Indeed, we can affirm life and choose to be positive when we see the fruits of our labor.   It helps to be properly equipped for this endeavor.

Get started with these:

Soil Nutrient Monitor:

A soil tester lets you know when your soil needs to be watered by indicating the level of moisture, from “less moisture” to “more moisture” easily, by seeing the color displayed digitally.

Editor's Pick

Soil Nutrient Monitor

Bonsai Digital Plants Flora Flower Detector Soil Tester Nutrient Monitor Hygrometer Garden Supplies

  • Soil Nutrient Monitor

Portable gardening kneeler and tool caddy:

Carry all of your tools in one handy caddy that also functions as a seat to help you easily reach your plants.  It can also transform as a kneeler, padded with a cushion for your comfort.

Editor's Pick

Portable gardening kneeler and tool caddy

COOLCOOK Portable Garden Kneeler Tool Bag Storage Pouch For Kneeling Chair Multi Pocket Garden Kneelers Pads & Seats

  • Portable gardening kneeler and tool caddy

Kink-resistant gardening hose:

You’ll want a durable and kink-resistant hose to help you water your plants.  This hose also has a high water pressure feature which is also handy for cleaning your car.

Editor's Pick

Kink-resistant Gardening Hose


  • Kink-resistant Gardening Hose

Seed starter trays:

Germinate your vegetables and herbs in these biodegradable, environment-friendly seed starter trays.  These promote good drainage and ventilation, while retaining moisture to keep your plants healthy.

Editor's Pick

Seed Starter Trays

17 Pcs Seed Starter Tray Biodegradable Peat Pots Seedling Germination Trays Organic Vegetable Seed Starter Tray Kit

  • Seed Starter Trays

Lightweight, ergonomic gardening tools:

This 10-piece gardening toolkit comes with its own carrier.  A weed cutter, a set of pruning shears, 2 round shovels in different sizes, 2 sharp shovels in two sizes, a rake, a three-tine rake, a spray bottle and a pair of hedge shears come with the case.  All handles are ergonomic and all tools are lightweight for your convenience.

Editor's Pick

Lightweight, ergonomic gardening tools

Rachel Ergonomic Trowel Rake Weeder Shears Sprayer with Carrying Case Garden Tools Set

  • Lightweight, ergonomic gardening tools

Outdoor Sun Hat:

Your new hobby may require hours out in the sun.  Protect yourself from its harsh rays with a hat.

Editor's Pick

Sun Hat

Large Brim Sun Hat Reversible 2 in 1 Sun Shade Hats UPF50+ Summer Beach Bucket Hats Fisherman Caps for Women Ladies Girls Foldable Gardening Fishing Travelling Hiking Casual Headwear with Chin Strap - intl

  • Sun Hat

Watering Can:

This stainless steel watering can will be put to good use for a long time.  Its long spout controls the flow of water, and its handle will prove to be comfortable for your grip.

Editor's Pick

Watering Can

1300ml Gardening Water Bottle Potted Stainless Steel Watering Can

  • Watering Can

Water Mister:

Some tropical plants need regular misting in order to preserve the humidity around them and also to rid them of dust.  This handy, pint-sized water mister will not only do the job.  It’s also a stylish tool for the plantita in you.

Editor's Pick

Water Mister

Vintage Plant Flower Watering Pot Spray Bottle Garden Mister Sprayer Hairdressing Watering Pot Practical Garden Tool

  • Water Mister

7-Tier Plant Stand:

Make sure all of your plant babies are getting enough sunlight by rotating which level they are positioned in a plant stand.

Editor's Pick

7-Tier Plant Stand

5/6/7 Tier Plant Flower Pot Stand Shelf Rack Bookshelf Garden Indoor Outdoor Patio

  • 7-Tier Plant Stand

Gardening Gloves:

Finally, don’t forget to protect your hands that do all the hard work!  These breathable pari of gardening gloves are also water and oil proof and are slip-resistant as well.

Editor's Pick

Gardening Gloves

1Pair Breathable Non-slip Waterproof Gardening Pruning Gloves Protective Cover

  • Gardening Gloves

Banner photo: @sisiliareads