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20 Must-See Art Objects at Art Fair Philippines

Curated by Stephanie Frondoso of Signum, Off the Shelf offers art made by a multi-disciplinary collective of makers

“In the olden days, there was no distinction between an artist and a designer or an architect,” Stephanie Frondoso says, as a tour group comes to Signum Contemporary ObjectsArt Fair Philippines booth.  For the fair, Signum assembled a collective of artists, designers, architects, potters and print makers to show objects that blur the line between object and art. 

Titled “Off the Shelf,” on exhibit are smaller art objects. “Think about the space that people live in these days,” Stephanie says, referring to the increasingly common condo living as a practical solution to urban life.

Leonardo da Vinci was an artist, but he was also an inventor,” Stephanie says, continuing her discussion.  “Often, art is produced by people who practice other disciplines as well,” she says.  In “Off the Shelf,” Signum has brought together a delightful mix of art objects that inspire their at home.  Vessels by potter/bread-maker Aleth Ocampo and Rocelie Delfin; sculptures by Architect Mikaela Benedicto; vases that resemble quirky critters by designer Liliana Manahan and shoe horns by interior designers Misty Floro and Pai Edles are just a few of these art objects that function as décor for the home.

A First-Timer’s Guide To Art Fair Philippines


A First-Timer’s Guide To Art Fair Philippines