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These Are What’s Trending In Home Design for 2023

Warm neutrals, inspiration from nature, character and texture all take the stage in home décor this year

In 2023, comfort is vital,  making it an end goal for the user experience, from all industries, from fashion to architecture and interior design.  The memo we all seem to be getting from trend forecasters is this: casual, but make it stylish. It’s all about ease and functionality taking center stage, without sacrificing aesthetics. Style is increasingly less about following the rules, but more about mixing high and low brands with pieces of furniture and home décor that are already in our homes, perhaps as heirlooms.

Take a look at these 2023 home trends.  Incorporate these  stand-out design elements and make the year shine.

Rich and natural 

The rich and natural home decor trend brings is all about textures and a color palette that will help give a relaxed and comfortable feel.

A neutral color such as beige and other earth-tone palettes with rich hues combined with vivid natural colors will help make the space more open and spacious, while natural accents give zest to the space, making it more inviting. 

Neutrals are making a comeback this year

Embrace the new neutral trend by using different shades to help create a cozy and warm atmosphere at home for a relaxed vibe. This warm and neutral home makeover will  give your space a sense of tranquility and composure.

Inside A Flexible Stay Experience With A Contemporary Twist To Art Deco Flourishes


Inside A Flexible Stay Experience With A Contemporary Twist To Art Deco Flourishes


Nature-inspired living space will match 2023's lucky colors.

This year, organic and sustainable design will continue to be a priority.  Nature-inspired design is evergreen and perfect for your physical and mental well-being.  Carbon neutral finishes, sustainable furniture sourced locally, aiding in lessening the use of fuel is always a plus in designing with the environment’s future in mind.

A Fresh And Modern Take On The Bahay Na Bato


A Fresh And Modern Take On The Bahay Na Bato

Gold and glittery

Home decor with a touch of gold and glitter is timeless and never goes out of style. Gold adds a luxurious touch to any space.  Metallics give that added sparkle to the room, amplifying its sophistication.

Whimsical and playful 

With a playful yet sophisticated theme, homeowners may embrace a whimsical and playful aesthetic that is stylish, yet well-suited for spaces dedicated to children.

This theme will add a bit of magic to the space by combining patterns and bright colors layered on a vibrant backdrop. Add quirky pieces to your space to inspire enjoyable conversation. This trend will help add personality and fun for 2023.

Textured maximalist

The maximalist trend displays rich layers of textures and color, with multiple prints and patterns used throughout a space. Combining textured materials introduces more visual interest and creates a more inviting environment.  Mix and match colors.  You can also explore asymmetry to create a room with your own imaginative signature syle.

 2023 is all about decorating in your personal style, guided by trends that will validate your personal taste.  Make a statement in any room by transforming it into your own sanctuary.

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