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25 Brands For The Home To Shop From At Arte Fino 2022

Shop at Arte Fino and bring home something that honors craft, culture and conscious living

Since 2017, this time of the year has been a tradition for the Titas of Manila, emerging titas, their amigas and amigos alike.  It’s time for Arte Fino, and how we’ve missed this annual gathering of creatives and shoppers alike.  You see, Arte Fino has become a well-loved bazaar among those who appreciate the handmade, the local and the rare must-haves that are crafted with love.  Founded by Susie Quiros, Marimel Francisco, Mita Rufino, Maritess Pineda, and Cedie Lopez-Vargas, it’s the ultimate fair that hosts a community who honors craft, culture, and conscious living… a platform created expressly for the purpose of helping local brands tell their inspiring stories.

Cedie Vagas and Marimel Francisco reminisce, “Since we launched in 2017, ArteFino has taken on a life of its own.” Throughout the years, they’ve launched countless local labels and designers. “We’ve worked with many emerging brands and designers, all of whom have grown with us. We’ve followed their journeys and evolved with them,” shares Cedie. Even then, Marimel maintains that, “We are constantly on the lookout for new talents to showcase.”

L-R: Mita Rufino, Marimel Francisco, Cedie Lopez Vargas and Maritess Pineda, the ladies behind Arte Fino. | Daniel Soriano
Give Your Rooms An Endless Summer Vibe  With This Collection


Give Your Rooms An Endless Summer Vibe With This Collection

During the height of the lockdowns, Arte Fino was online.  This year, it’s back as a 5-week event at the ground floor of the Power Plant Mall from August 25-September 28.  So… Titas!  Mark your calendars!

Those looking for something unique for the home are in for a treat!  Out of the 150 brands that represent everything from fashion, accessories and lifestyle, there are twenty-five brands for the home.  Watch out for them in this year’s Arte Fino.  

Here's a sneak peek at these brands: