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Spruce Up Your Space Without Compromising On Style With These 4 Practical Tips For Modern Living

Metro Home TV shares the key elements in decorating a modern home.

The contemporary times have certainly witnessed trends that have been driven by culture, fashion and tastemakers. In these modern times, home designs have kept up with our fast-paced lifestyle. While traditional themes and elements are still accessible and ever-present in residential interiors, styles, like its makers, continue to evolve to suit our growing needs and to reflect the values of the changing times.

The good side of it is the more open-minded approach to design, with workable solutions, without compromising the look and overall vibe of a space. Modern living has a lot of flexibility, and offers unlimited options for homemakers and designers alike.

If sprucing up your modern home is a challenge for you, Metro Channel’s Metro Home guides you through the process of decorating. We have simple, practical tips for modern living:

1. Adjusting your lighting 

Create the mood with lighting.

2. Proper space planning

Consider the functionality of the space when planning.

3. Mixing and matching your furniture

To make the space interesting, work with a good material mix.

4. Place the right accent pieces

Think of functionality, but also have fun with that bit of quirk that will make the room a memorable one.

As Metro Home TV host Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez advises, “You just have to be a little bit more creative, think out of the box, and not necessarily follow the floor plan given to you.” Watch this video and get the tips—stat!

Lead photo from @stephkienlegonzalez