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4 Things To Consider When Buying Appliances Online

Here's a quick, helfpul guide to purchasing appliances via the web

Spending time at home in quarantine for months has led to a familar scenario to many: the kitchen saw a great amount of use during this time, and now, appliances are probably due for an update.  As we are all urged to stay at home, online services have continued to level up on their game, allowing us to achieve most purchases online, including appliances.   To make this experience as smooth as possible, make sure you keep these tips in mind: 

1. Know what you need

Function and quality should always come first. While you’ve probably come across pretty appliances while scrolling through social media and trawling through the internet, keep in mind what you will be using your appliances for and how often you’ll be using them.  Read up on the appliance features, tech, and quality to ensure that it suits more than your aesthetic, but also your needs.

2. Know your space

Before you begin your hunt for your replacement refrigerator or range hood, take measurements to ensure the product you’re getting fits into your kitchen space. Knowing the dimensions you can work with immediately helps narrow down your search. Consider also the layout of your kitchen and where you’re staying. You don’t want to get a fridge that opens to the right and bumps into your kitchen door all the time, for example. If you’re staying at a condo, induction cookers will be ideal as you wouldn’t have to worry about where to put the gas tank and they typically don’t produce as much smoke when cooking.

3. Know your seller

As with anything bought online, it’s important to make sure that you’re transacting with legitimate sellers that you can trust. You want to have assurance that you’ll actually get the item that you’re paying for. And it’s never more vital than when you’re buying big items such as kitchen appliances. Your best bet is to head to the brand’s official website to make your purchase. Alternatively, you can confirm their list of official retailers—whether online or offline—on their website or their official social media pages. This way, you can breathe easy that you’ll get authentic products complete with quality assurance and warranty.

4. Take delivery logistics in consideration

When making your purchase online, you shouldn’t forget to check the delivery policy of your chosen retailer. If they don’t have it explained within the page, don’t be afraid to chat up their sales representatives. E-commerce channels and websites typically have a built-in chat function so you can speak to a representative about your questions or concerns even before you hit “add to cart”. You want to make sure that your item reaches you in good condition so making these clarifications should be a priority. Some online shopping malls or platforms may also be able handle delivery of products only up to a certain size, so double-checking a brand’s official website to compare product availability is always a smart step.

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