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5 Cleaning Companies To Call For A Deep Home Rub Down

The family is now mandated to stay home. Make sure yours is spotless for everyone’s health.

Everyone deserves to come home to a clean and orderly home.  The truth is, though, that we are not all homemakers, and our home staff will only be as good as how much we have mentored them to set the standard. 

Not to worry.  We’ve rounded up five cleaning services for you to call on.  With the fear of COVID-19 spreading even more than it has, now is a good time to ensure that the home is spotless as a preventive measure.  The kids will also be spending more time at home nowadays.  It is also a good idea that the home is sanitized, as the whole family is spending more time indoors. 

1.      Clean Place PH-

“The only thing that microbes like better than human skin is plastic and glass,” says Michael Schmidt, PhD, a professor with the department of microbiology and immunology at the Medical University of South Carolina, in a report by  To effectively sanitize plastics and glass, it is recommended to use ultraviolet light sanitizers to get rid of the microbes from your household items.  Because the novel coronavirus is sensitive to light and heat, the UV treatment will kill the virus.  

For your post-construction, move in and move out, intensive general, intensive office upholstery, bed mattress and carpets, UV sterilization and car cleaning needs, call on Clean Place PH (@CleanPlacePH) to avail of this service. 

Send them a DM on Instagram or call 09063275358.  You may also email [email protected] Visit them here .

2.      Misis Linis-

Celebrity Sam YG, lifestyle influencer Kally Araneta,  fashion influencer Laureen Uy and Saab Magalona attest to the efficient and thorough job Misis Linis does.

 “The whole thing about Misis Linis is ang dami nilang gadgets, hindi lang yung walis-walis,” says Sam YG in a Misis Linis Instagram story.

Their Petite Maison Package is for homes that are 35 sq. m. or less.   For PHP 5,500, it includes thorough general cleaning, deep cleaning of the bed and sofa, UV sterilization, ultra-misting, air purification, steaming of floors and basic closet organization.

For homes that range from 35 sq m to 60 sq m, they offer the Maison Moyenne package, which includes the same services as the Petite Maison Package.  This costs PHP 7,500.

When you’ve called them, and can’t get enough of the lovely scent they leave your home with, you can maintain it by purchasing their home scent and anti-bacterial spray line.

Contact Misis Linis (@MisisLinis) at 09230834738  or email [email protected]

3.       Lady Linis-

This cleaning company believes that “where dust and garbage are produced, cleaning becomes necessary.”  Vetted by celebrities Nicole Anderson, Daniel Matsunaga and Jinri Park, Lady Linis offers cleaning services for hourly rates of PHP 350/hr, PHP 500/hour and a half and PHP 600/2 hours for condos.  For homes, an hourly rate of PHP 500/hr and PHP 200 per excess of 30 min. after one hour.

Email Lady Linis (@LadyLinis) at [email protected]

4.      DustBusters PH-

“Let the professionals do their dirty work,” is the mantra behind DustBustersPH’s cleaning services.  Their premium cleaning service is an 8-hour service that goes for 90 PHP/sq m.  It includes unlimited use of the Gruenheim steamer and Rainbow vacuum.  

For 50 PHP/sq. m., avail of their 8-hour cleaning service which includes general housekeeping and the use of their American Home Portable vacuum.   

Not interested in a full home cleaning services?  They also offer upholstery, mattress, rug, curtains, floors and walls spot cleaning services.  

Visit them here and @DustBustersPH for a full list of services. 

5.      Green Scope Eco Solutions-

Called on to perform the hosing down and deep cleaning of Wack-Wack Golf and Country Club after they found out that they had exposure to COVID-19, Eco Green Solutions is a company that was founded on the premise of helping the environment.  Waste water management and supply of solar equipment are among the roster of services they offer.  

Call Allee Lee of Green Scope Eco Solutions at 09175317968. Visit them here