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5 Simple Hacks That Will Instantly Transform Your Home

No need for a construction team. You can do these on your own.

As the year gains its momentum, homeowners usually deem the start of the year as an opportune time to do renovations. There are serious projects that require the involvement of a contractor, as evidenced by statistics 

from the second quarter of 2019, that reveal almost 4,000 building repairs and 1,500 additions were reported, proving that changes in homes and buildings are always being considered by their owners.  These, of course, require the budget and man power to bring to fruition.  Then there are the simple, quick fixes that serve the purpose of reinventing the look of the home, and adding more function to a space.  If you are considering the latter, here are simple hacks to transform your space.  These are especially helpful for apartment or home renters who need to adhere to regulations that will not allow permanent changes.


Paint the walls

A simple pop of color dramatically changes the feeling of a space.  A whole spectrum of colors is available, from warm to cool.  Use them to convey the mood that you are going for.  You may also take it steps further, and go into a full-blown mural.

Change your cabinetry hardware

Think of cabinet pulls and knobs as jewelry for your spaces.  Utilitarian though they may be, they are little details that have the power to make the design scheme for a space look completely resolved.  There are so many choices out in the market, and they are easily available in home depots, but what is the perfect one for your cabinets?  Must you opt for the flair of crystal knobs, or the straightforward industrial types?  You must consider these out of the ordinary sources for hardware:

Invest in furniture that can double duty

Most popular for condo living, multi-tasking furniture does not change the look of a space, as it complements its function.  Multi-purpose furniture is almost ubiquitous in a landscape where real estate prices go up, as condo footprints go down.  You may take them with you when you move, making them practical pieces of investment. Thankfully, there are multiple resources for furniture that can multi-task such as these:

Incorporate clever storage solutions

We are advocates of a visually clean space.  We can’t emphasize the pros of hiding your clutter and junk enough.  Taking the time to analyze your storage needs.  Addressing them will also help you organize.  But you can only store or hide things as much as how much storage solutions you have at home will allow.  Get creative with storage, and don’t restrict yourself to closets and cabinets.  Baskets, storage boxes that come in uniformed colors, and canvas totes or boxes and vintage luggage also count as storage.  Consider these ideas:

Make a gallery wall

Art work can really liven up a space.  Photos of your loved ones also add a human dimension to your space, making it a home.  Take the time to frame snapshots of prized moments or art work, and organize them into a gallery wall. Areas that are perfect for this are the quiet walls and corners of the home such as hallways, the walls that hug the stairs and vestibules.    You may curate your art work or photos based on their content or color scheme.  Why not add a layer of uniformity by choosing one kind of frame and matting to make them look cohesive?  These gallery walls will inspire you to do so: