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Trend Spotted: Clean Is In!

These are your essential tools for cleaning and disinfecting your home, all available at Wilcon

As we hunker down for a few more weeks, we must get into the habit of regularly cleaning our homes and sanitizing all surfaces for our safety and the safety of our loved ones. It’s important that we keep our spaces free of clutter and to disinfect constantly because unwanted germs and viruses (which are invisible to the eye) can harbor on different surfaces for hours.

Here’s how to more easily keep your house spic and span, and gain the confidence that your home is a sanctuary you can feel safe in.

Smooth or flat surfaces

When cleaning flat surfaces such as floors, wall tiles, and windows, some may think that sweeping or dusting is enough. But to ensure that the surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned, it is also crucial to clean them by mopping or wiping.

Roller mops are an ideal cleaning tool for your home with its “pull and lift” wringer level for faster cleaning, a sponge mop head that has a stronger water absorption than a regular mop, and a long, adjustable stainless handle for added durability.

For windows and tiled walls, using a squeegee is a great choice. It doesn’t get saturated with water unlike regular wiping cloth, it allows a faster and more efficient cleaning, and is great for removing excess moisture to prevent water spots from forming.

Roller Map

Hard to reach surfaces

Cleaning is truly a tough chore. You’ll never know when and if you have cleaned all corners and parts of your home. To help you get the job done, you can simply use a thick paintbrush to sweep out dirt from corners and tight spaces. Truper offers a wide array of paintbrushes perfect for cleaning and getting creative.

You can also use a sweeper that comes with a dustpan. Its elongated design can fit perfectly into narrow spaces then head straight to the dustpan making a faster and more efficient cleanup. In areas beyond your reach such as ceilings and rooves, you can always use ladders. That way, you can see more clearly what needs to be done and allow you to clean more efficiently. You can check out ladders and other outdoor products from P.Tech that are made from high-quality materials for long lasting use.

P.Tech Ladder
Sweeper and dustpan
Truper Paint Brush

Areas in need of thorough cleaning

It is important to keep your hands protected while cleaning using hand gloves, especially when scrubbing forcefully and handling chemicals. It is vital to prevent unnecessary sores and injuries from bruising your hands. You can get reliable hand gloves from HEIM – the perfect helper for your cleaning task.

In areas that need heavy-duty cleaning, a hand brush from Direct Hardware is an effective tool to use. Its strong bristles can clean through strong dirt such as stain and grime. With a little amount of detergent and water, you can wipe out any kind of tough stains. Sponges are also a great alternative for hand brushes. Just make sure to wash and dry out the sponge after using to avoid molds and other pathogens from building up. You can get high-quality sponges from Rubi that are great for detailed cleaning.

Direct Hardware Hand Brush
Heim Washing Gloves
Rubi Sponge

For furniture and appliances

Most of your furniture and appliances are delicate and require extra care when cleaning. Just like with wooden furniture, television, and other appliances; remove dust with this animal microfiber duster and wipe it with a wet microfiber cloth to ensure that your furniture and appliances are spotlessly clean. These items are made with microfibers which are one of the best cleaning materials because it attracts dust particles and removes them from almost any surface.

Also, make sure to wear a good quality face mask when doing your regular dusting as the particles are proven to cause asthma. Check out HEIM for your microfiber cleaning essentials that comes in sets and Truper for a good quality face mask to keep you safe when cleaning your home.

Microfiber Duster
Heim Microfiber Cloth Set
Truper Dust Mask

For bathroom

Proper cleaning technique and cleaning materials not just give you superior results but it can also save time and energy with cleaning your toilet bowl. Pour a cleaning solution around the bowl and leave it for a few minutes to let it penetrate to the toilet bowl, use a toilet brush to scrub around the insides of your toilet bowl. Flush your toilet afterwards to remove residues from the cleaning solution. Make sure to also clean the outsides of your toilet. This durable Brent Toilet Brush with Holder from SEFA shall do the trick in fixing your dilemma with your toilet bowl.

Sefa Toilet Brush

Final touches

Having a place for everything is essential in keeping your home clean and clutter free. Keep your space tamed and organized using a three-layered shelf. You can also try getting a foldable clothing rack that can accommodate in drying your newly washed clothes. Get all these trusty and sturdy clutter free products from HEIM.

What better way to feel the freshness of a newly cleaned home than having an air-purifier around. It removes unwanted odor, kills various kinds of mold and bacteria, and can also serve as a great stress reliever.

Air Purifier
Heim 3-Layered Shelf
Heim Clothes Rack

Special cleaners

With the current situation, it is advisable to regularly clean and sanitize your home. Back yourself up with the extra help of a UV disinfecting light and backpack sanitizing sprayer in disinfecting all around your home. It is also smart to set up a sanitary station and boot tray by the entrance of your home for an easy access to sanitation before entering. Keep yourself and family safe with the help of a backpack sprayer and boot tray.

Boot Tray
Backpack Misting
UV Germicidal Light

Start your general cleaning now and get all these cleaning essentials available in any Wilcon Depot and Wilcon Home Essentials stores nationwide and achieve a sparkly clean and disinfected home. You can also browse online by visiting

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