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7 Designer Tips On Decorating With Mirrors

Their proper placement means everything to a room… We tell you how

The mirror validates beauty of a person or a space.  It can make spaces look larger.  It also reflects light, making rooms appear brighter.  When used strategically, it can transform a space.  Aside from these, it is also a fabled piece of décor.  The court of Louis XIV knows the power of a mirror to magnify one’s stature.  Under his reign, The Hall of Mirrors in Versailles was built to illustrate that France had the ability to rival Venice’s mirror production, with this famous room’s 357 mirrors, decorating the 17 arches opposite windows—signifying France’s economic, political and economic success. 

Today, the mirror still serves , if not to heighten one’s image, surely, as a reflective piece of furnishing that lends a space a perception of grandeur and glamour.

Use it to full effect. Here’s how:

1.   Consider the height at which you hang your mirrors. Eye level works with many cases, but the height at which you choose to hang your mirror will depend on what you want it to reflect. Study the environment in which the mirror will be placed. This will inform the placement of your mirror.

2.       Installation is key.  Remember that mirrors can be heavy.  As such, a simple nail on the wall will not secure it.  It is best to use wall hooks or picture hangers.  You may even want to consider hiring a professional to do this for you for safety.  Depending on the weight of the mirror, you may need to know its placement and advise your contractor before the walls at home get finished, as you may need to install a bracket to structurally support your mirror. 

3.  Don’t forget about feng shui.  Simply put, because a mirror is reflective, it can disturb or support the balance of the energy in a room. A very basic feng shui rule of thumb is not to hang mirrors directly across a door. It is better to hang them perpendicular to door ways and points of access in order to direct an expansive energy flow. You would also do well not to hang a mirror on top of your bed or sofa. This placement does not give a safe feeling. Hence, the energy becomes heavy.

4.  What is reflected by the mirror is very important.  Hang it opposite a good view, an interesting architectural feature, a serene painting.  If you hang it across a window, it will increase natural light in the room. Whatever you do, do not hang a mirror opposite clutter or something unattractive, as these will “multiply” in your space just by their sheer reflection.

5.   Mirrors create focal points. Consider flanking them with sconces or art work.

6.       A mirror’s frame can dictate its style.   Simply changing it can make the mirror more attractive in a room that is driven by a theme or a period.  Similarly, mirrors with patina work dramatically.