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Bring Good Fortune Into Your Home In The Year Of The Rat With These Simple Tips

Here Are 8 Basic Feng Shui Tips That You Can Apply To Your Home

We’re celebrating Chinese New Year in a week’s time, and feng shui season is now on a roll. Applying this method to our homes balances the energy flow in your space, and is believed to help in bringing in good luck and abundance not just to the house, but to the family living in it. Whether you’ve been doing feng shui for years or would like to try it out this year, welcoming the Year of the Rat with these feng shui tips won’t just give you fortune. Notice the difference it makes to an areagreet positive energy at your door and just let it flow. Read on!

1. Start with decluttering. Even before the Marie Kondo method went viral, there’s feng shui. But rather than ‘tidying up,’ this ancient Chinese practice is more about creating harmony in your surroundings through the force of energy. And to let this energy, or often referred to as chi, flow seamlessly and become more fluid, make your space as clutter-free as possible. Toss out things you don’t use, organize your stuff, let go of things that don’t fit in your homegive the chi some generous room to freely spread out throughout.

2. Open your door. For positive energy, that is! Make sure that your door opens inwards to welcome the chi, and avoid objects that take up space in the main entryway so it pushes/pulls in a full 90 degrees. Also, hang a nice painting or place a pleasant-looking object at the direct opposite of the door. It instantly uplifts your spirits, inducing feel-good sense that attracts positive energy the moment you enter.

3. Put the elements in place. Feeling like your home is a little unbalanced? It’s time to take a better look at your space and see if all feng shui elements (fire, water, earth, wood, and metal) are proportional. Adjust as needed—would you need a calming blue to represent water more, or maybe add in a few wooden accessories on display? Customize and explore!

4. Use the command position technique. This concept is pretty basic—in any room, place the main furniture, like your bed or desk, where you can see the door without being directly in line with it. The command position in feng shui helps you take charge of your life. It’s best to go with the diagonal positioning for a no-brainer choice!

5. Go for green. Not only do plants make a house look alive, but it’s also good feng shui! Plants purifies a space, boost the energy in the area, and balances the feng shui elements. Try to grow orchids, rubber plants, succulents, and/or bamboo this year.

6. Keep the toilet covered. Water in feng shui represents wealth. In the toilet, each time you flush, energy gets flushed, too. To prevent too much chi from escaping, cover the toilet bowl whenever not in use. Keep the restroom door closed as well!

7. Organize your kitchen. Avoid placing contrasting elements beside each other, such as the stove (fire) and the sink (water). Maximize your kitchen space as well, as this area of the home represents your health and well-being. Bring in whites and greens to create a relaxing environment. And finally, fill your refrigerator and rice bucket up as it symbolizes your family’s living status.

8. Position the fountain in the right spots. Bring prosperity to your home with a water fountain! Place it in front of the entrance of your house. If kept indoors, make sure that the water flows towards the house and doesn’t stay still.