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Create a Sense of Well-Being and Comfort with SensoWash®

Upgrade your everyday and create a sense of modern wellbeing in the bathroom at home with Duravit’s line of shower-toilets.

What first comes as innovation, eventually becomes a standard. If you still remember how heated seats and electric windows in cars were once considered luxurious, now they’ve become standards in their own categories. 

The same goes with the shower-toilet, as it combines the bidet and toilet. Here, an extendable spray arm provides thorough and targeted cleaning with water, after you’ve gone to the toilet. 

With this, it’s a hygienic, pleasant solution for cleaning the body, and in itself, it represents quality of life and comfort. 

Smart features

What Duravit has done is that it even elevated and enhanced these essential functions with further smart features, raising the standard of personal hygiene and comfort. What makes it novel is that these shower-toilet models can be individually configured using the associated SensoWash® app, or they can be optionally controlled in the standard way using a remote control. This customization also allows for individual profiles of the users to be loaded at any time, making your experience even more customized.

Improved comfort

The Duravit shower-toilets can have fully configured positions of the spray arm, and these precise settings can be stored in advance or adjusted during use. Aside from the positions, the temperature of the water and the intensity of the shower flow can be fine-tuned to users’ specific requirements, ensuring a pleasant cleaning process.

There’s also the motion sensor for automatic cover opening and closing via user recognition in the seat up, as well as other configuration options for seat heating, shower flow, hot hair dryer, and more. 

To add even more comfort, there’s light inside the bowl to illuminate it and make it easier to find even when the lights are turned off.

Designed to last

Duravit shower-toilets also have a minimalist design that integrates seamlessly and harmoniously into any bathroom interior. 

Ahead of conventional toilets, shower-toilets save space since you don’t need to allot space on the side for a separate bidet, and the Rearwash function is already integrated into the toilet. 

Note also that you don’t have to awkwardly reposition yourself for a refreshing wash.

Practical and life-enhancing

In general, shower-toilets enhance the quality of life across all generations. Kids can get assisted in washing themselves, while adults and even older generations can clean without hindrance. Those whose mobility is restricted in the short or long term can look after their personal hygiene. They can clean their intimate area with no physical exertion on their part. With this, they won’t have to rely on other people and can keep their independence.

Easy to use, easy to clean

Finally, the Duravit shower-toilets are pretty easy to clean, thanks to the new Rimless® technology and an optimized basin and siphon geometry, as in the case of SensoWash® Starck f provides improved water flow for perfect flushing results. Also, the hygienic glaze HygieneGlaze®, which kills up to 99 percent of bacteria in a relatively short time, guarantees an optimum standard of hygiene. 

All in all, the integrated, fully automatic descaling function further enhances cleanliness. Check out the gallery for the different models of shower-toilets from Duravit:

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