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Amazing Finds You Probably Didn't Know Were Available At Wilcon Depot

Wilcon Depot offers a wide array of products—from changing color bulbs to wallpapers to wall stickers for kids' rooms

The market offers hundreds of thousands of unique and eye-catching products. And when it comes to one's needs for home improvement and construction supplies, Wilcon Depot never fails to amaze with its wide array of products⁠—some of which you probably didn't expect to find in their stores. Below are some amazing items we found at Wilcon:

Direct Hardware Master Key lock set - 1 key fits for all 

You might have lost your keys, changed your locks, and made and kept duplicate keys—this product solves those issues! Having one master key for multiple doorknobs in your home is better and could make things easier and more convenient for you, not to mention that it saves you some space in your bag and pocket whenever you step out of your house. Wilcon offers a more effective solution with its Direct Hardware Handle set and Door Knob Combo Set. These entry knobs could be operated by its own separate key and a master key is capable to override all the knobs. For instance, room 101's key will not open 102's lock but the master key can gain entry to both locks. Having your home master-keyed is more convenient.

Direct Hardware Master Key lock set

Alphalux Changing Color Bulbs

One notable top-notch brand that is exclusively available at Wilcon is Alphalux, a lighting solution brand that offers an innovative feature of changing color bulbs. Users can modify its settings from daylight, cool white, and warm white using ordinary switches. It comes in a wattage variation of 5, 7, and 9. Alphalux also offers dimmable lights which can also work with ordinary switches. The mechanism of dimmable lights allows it to decrease lumens according to the user's settings. If you want to have a feel-good ambiance and comfortable atmosphere inside and outside your house, you have to choose the best option in achieving the optimum lighting for your spaces. Shop for Alphalux products here.

Alphalux Changing Color Bulbs

HEIM Wallpapers

Are you into redecorating your home? One way to change the look of a space is by updating your wallpapers! HEIM wallpapers are stylish and they come with different stunning designs that could go with almost any interior design style. With the various patterns available, one will be inspired to get creative in incorporating these elements in a room. When it comes to redecorating, you don't need to spend so much; with wallpapers like these, a little can go a long way. If you put into consideration the lifespan of wallpaper, it is a great alternative option to paint.

HEIM Wallpapers

Wall Stickers for Kids’ Rooms

Give your children's room a happy vibe with these decorative and colorful collections of wall stickers. Wilcon makes sure that they have something even your kids will like. Put this Disney cartooned foam décor removable and glow-in-the-dark sticker in their rooms to delight your kids. Pick from a variety of options and an amazing catalog of unique wall stickers from Deco-deco stickers.

Stickers for the kids' rooms

Decorative wall clocks

Heim wall clocks offer different designs that can match your room and can make a great statement in each of these spaces. Wall clocks will not only keep your daily routines on track but can give your home a quirky touch. If you’re already used to classic and plain ones, you can find a variety of clocks from Heim that comes in different shapes, sizes, and color! Shop for wall clocks here.

Decorative wall clocks

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