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Achieve A Bathing Experience Like No Other With The Kastello Collection

American Standard’s contemporary interpretation of traditional designs provides classic flair with modern sophistication for the bathroom of your dreams

How much time do we spend in the bathroom? The answer, according to recent research, is time spent equivalent to 1.5 years of our life. And it happens that during this private time, we come up with great ideas and solutions. Which leads us to the logical conclusion that a functional and aesthetic toilet and bath is more than just a functional and aesthetic toilet and bath. Given this context, having a soothing setting where we can perform our most private ablutions is not just wishful thinking but becomes more of a practical and convenient part of the modern lifestyle.


American Standard reaches new heights in bathroom perfection with the KASTELLO Collection, perfectly showcasing bathroom options that are packed with cutting-edge technology and yet lend themselves well to stylish yet sensible lifestyles and preferences.


Weaving technological and sustainable features into a timeless design, the fitting collection bridges aesthetics with functionality.  

The faucet in this range was designed with these unique features

COMFORTMOVE has a ceramic cartridge in the faucet that ensures a smooth and consistent control of the water flow, and delivers precision in usage.

ECOSTART is eco-friendliness come into reality. Its single lever faucet releases cold water first, which prevents the boiler from heating up, resulting in 30% energy savings.

DURASHINE guarantees the longevity of its shine, adding to the aesthetic pleasure of its user.



Unlike anything in its class, the toilet is beauty and brawn, all in one. KASTELLO boasts the best of Hygiene Technologies in power features that that will surely provide users with utmost convenience and peace of mind.

SIPHONMAX WITH POWER RIM’s flush technology performs like no other. The exceptional system of KASTELLO One-Piece Toilet is designed for optimal hygiene. Delivering twin torrents of water from two openings, it creates a whirlpool around the bowl while a jet of water is released from below creating a second push action. Coupled with water being funneled away from the bottom of the bowl that generates a powerful pull action, SIPHONMAX effectively removes both heavy and light waste.

ARMORLID WITH EASYLIFT is thoughtfully designed to taper off to an angle for ease of lift on the seat cover. Cutting-edge material on both seat and cover assures users of enhanced durability with excellent resistance to scratch, impact and discoloration.

DOUBLE VORTEX inKASTELLO’s Close-Coupled Toilet uses twin water jets from 2 openings to create a swirl vortex that maximizes flushing performance while minimizing water usage.

COMFORTCLEAN effectively kills E. coli bacteria.

AQUA CERAMIC’s One-Piece toilet is engineered to prevent accumulation of dirt and dark rings from forming on ceramic surface. The award-winning super hydrophilic technology ensures that the toilet remains smooth and shiny like a brand-new piece for a lifetime.


As one of the most iconic brands in sanitary ware, and backed by more than 140 years of pioneering legacy, American Standard continues to raise the bar in delivering total bathroom solutions that are beautiful, purposeful and safe for everyone.


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All photographs courtesy of American Standard.