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How Safe Is Your Bathroom?

American Standard is committed to provide everyone—not just with beautiful and purposeful bathroom solutions, but with bathrooms that are safe, clean, and hygienic.

As the toilet can be a hotbed of diseases-which can include severe diarrhea, what you know between safe and unsafe bathrooms can spell the difference between sickness and health.

The World Health Organization and UNICEF both cite diarrhea as a leading cause of death in children under 5 years of age: in 2016 alone, UNICEF cited almost 500,000 fatalities. E. coli O157 is a major culprit, as this pathogen can thrive in the bathroom- lurking in water contaminated with human feces, becoming aerosolized with every flush, contaminating the bowl, the flush handle -even toothbrushes, helping cause severe diarrhea that is potentially fatal to babies and the elderly, as it results in dehydration. 

But now, parents everywhere stressing over hygiene and cleanliness in the bathroom can relax, secure in the knowledge that American Standard harnesses innovative hygiene technologies for the safety of everyone.

To ensure that dirt and stains will not be able to stick to its surfaces, and that no bacteria can survive in the toilet bowl, American Standard instills bathrooms with HygieneClean System- the new standard of safety in the bathroom- delivered by its powerful flushing technologies plus cutting-edge innovations of Aqua Ceramic and ComfortClean.


Flushing Technologies

  • SIPHONMAX. Dynamic vacuum mechanism with side water jets create a powerful swirl, and a lower jet that removes both heavy and light waste completely. 

  • DOUBLE VORTEX. Maximum flushing performance, yet with minimum water usage.

Anti-Stain Technology

  • AQUA CERAMIC. This award-winning super-hydrophilic technology prevents dirt and dark ring stains from sticking to ceramic surfaces. In fact, dirt glides off the surface as Aqua Ceramic enables water to penetrate between the contaminants and the toilet surface. Effectively guaranteeing that waste is lifted off with our every flush, with just the power of water.

Antibacterial Technology

    • COMFORTCLEAN. While other brands can only claim anti- bacterial action on their toilet seats, American Standard changes the game with ComfortClean: a revolutionary ceramic glaze with zinc oxide that effectively kills E. coli bacteria inside the toilet bowl for the long term and beyond, as proven in tests conducted by the IMSL.

Secure your family’s health better from deadly E. coli strains and other bacteria that cause bloody diarrhea and infectious diseases that can originate in the bathroom. Don’t settle for clean- ensure your toilets are clean AND hygienic. With HygieneClean System. Have peace of mind knowing it works to safely guard your family’s health.

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American Standard commits to continuously invest its resources in innovative hygiene technology for the health of the whole family, helping raise standards of living, ensuring we may live our lives beautifully, purposefully, and safely.

For more information on HygieneClean, visit your nearest American Standard retailer where brand ambassadors will help you learn more about how it can ensure bathroom safety in your home.