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Design And Fine Art Come Together In B&B Italia

Glenn Cuevo highlights collectors’ furniture and art pieces to show how they mirror each other

The B&B Italia showroom in Manila is transformed into an immersive, gallery-like experience by esteemed curator, Glenn Cuevo.  In Art & Space Serie 02: The Collector’s Edition, Cuevo creates rooms that showcase art alongside select B&B Italia furniture pieces, highlighting their relationship with one another.

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Art and design have a shared history where, at some points, both intersect.  As seen in B&B Italia’s storied collection of stellar furniture pieces, a sofa can arguably be called a work of art by virtue of its outstanding design and craftsmanship.

Edamame armchair and Formiche small table by Piero Lissoni. On the wall: Symphony of Life by Bullet Dematera | Jar Concengco

In this series of rooms styled by Cuevo, these chosen furniture pieces such as the Blitz Table by Mario Bellini— a limited edition at 100 pieces—  are shown in the context of art pairings, giving the viewer a peek into how local collectors might style Filipino masterpieces together with European designer furniture in their own homes.  Thus, the exhibit gives a privileged view into rooms that are endowed with stellar art and design, following Cuevo’s concept of Gemello, or Due, Italian words for “twin,” alluding to the manner by which he arranges art and furniture where on side mirrors the other.

In the Lao Lianben and Arturo Luz Room, the “Monk’s House” takes center stage. Lao Lianben’s masterpiece depicts a serene landscape characterized by a village situated in the highlands, reinterpreted through Lao’s distinct style that entails layering different textures. The Lao Lianben room also features the limited edition Blitz Table by Mario Bellini — #7 out of 100 in the world. Highlighted in the same room are Arturo Luz’s beloved Performer Series, a collection of paintings that feature the artist's fascination with performers and the theatrical arts. B&B Italia’s Eileen Console makes the perfect perch for this. | Courtesy of B&B Italia

Accompanying B&B Italia furniture pieces are art work by renowned Filipino artists, Fernando Amorsolo, Fernando Zobel, HR Ocampo, Arturo Luz and Jose Joya.

The exhibit also shines a spotlight on notable B&B Italia novelty pieces such as the Pochette Armchair, Mjna Chairs, the Le Bambole collection which saw a recent reissue, as well as iconic pieces such as the Camaleonda Sofa, Serie Up Armchair, Edamame Daybed, Tobi-ishi Tables, Papilio Chairs and many more.

Curator Glenn Cuevo sits on the Camaleonda sofa by Mario Bellini. Abstracts by Jigger Cruz hang on the wall. | Courtesy of B&B Italia

Discover iconic B&B Italia pieces and masterpieces of notable featured artists when you visit the Art & Space Serie 02 exhibit. Drop by the B&B Italia Manila showroom at the Twenty-Four Seven McKinley Building, BGC from March 30 to April 30, 2023. For inquiries, appointments, or private tours, contact B&B Italia Manila by calling 8705 9999. You may also reach them through their Facebook (@bebitaliamanila), Instagram (@bebitaliamanila), or website ( 

Focus Global Inc. is the exclusive distributor of B&B Italia in the Philippines. 

Gallery Photographs by Jar Concengco