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Maggie Wilson Celebrates One Year Of Modern Tropical Living

Lifestyle, Home Decor and Living are on Maggie Wilson-Consunji’s mind now as Casa Consunji turns 1, and she looks back on a crazy 12 months that brought success beyond her wildest dreams, and a future shinier than any tiara

As Maggie Wilson-Consunji recalls the birth pains that came with the first year of Casa Consunji, she’s happy about its success and where it’s taken her and her team, but she honestly can’t say how it happened. Upon the prodding of husband Victor, Maggie and her team did the interiors of several model units for his developments; and offered their services to people interested in their design aesthetic.

A home base, Casa Consunji, was established at the Acacia Estates - and it's a Lifestyle Store/Design Studio/neighborhood Coffee Shop, all rolled in one. How all this was accomplished with a team of three (now four) still boggles Maggie, but she did it, and they’re now celebrating their first year of business.

The design aesthetic of Casa Consunji is tropical resort, with a inclination to bring the outdoors indoor. It’s a design philosophy that has enjoyed much success, stems from Maggie’s own travels and passions, and her collaborating with resident interior designer Bernie Santos. A full service design studio, Casa can do houses, condos, and particular living spaces; and they’re strong on using organic materials, but modified in such a way so it looks modern and contemporary.

Casa Consunji got its start with Maggie’s return trip to Bali after a hiatus of eight years. Bali has always had a special place in Maggie’s heart as it’s where she got engaged, and where she won her Amazing Race. In love with the small lifestyle stores and centers that would dot the island, it was her dream to create a similar retail space here in Manila.

Sourcing from Indonesia, from India, from right here in the Philippines, and for a time, even Norway; Maggie is proud to say she has a personal voice in all the merchandise that goes into the store. With new stuff being brought in every two to three months, the store has attracted a regular flow of clients eager to hang out in the store, peruse the merchandise, and just enjoy the Casa’s vibe. And all this despite the store being off the beaten path.

The Gang of Four who now comprise Maggie’s team have been heaven-sent, according to Maggie. A number of them are friends from Maggie’s pageant days, and they’re all ready to pitch in as required. Any one of them can man the register, can cook, talk about and sell the items in the store. It’s all been about being hands on, no matter what the need.

Maggie Wilson Consunji, talking to the media about Casa Consunji journey | Courtesy of Philip Cu-Unjieng
All the merchandise at Casa Consunji is priced very competitively, and people are surprised with the affordable price points. It’s all part of Maggie pushing for people to invest in their homes, and make their living spaces more magical... without breaking the bank.