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Check Out This Resin Artist’s BTS-Themed Galaxy Coasters, Phone Stands, Beach Clocks, And More

Resin just got more interesting at The Jam Plan

Geode resin coasters became all the rage throughout the pandemic, as we looked for beautiful trinkets to make home life much more bearable. But while Instagram, Shopee, and Lazada became crowded with resin coasters and resin kits, this resin artist decided to experiment more with the medium and create different home items and accessories that started to catch the attention of many home bods.

Now, The Jam Plan on Instagram is already offering phone stands, clocks, earring organizer, cake tiers, handheld mirrors, and so much more—many of them shipping to local homes, celebrities, and even international clients.

But like many resin artists, it all started with, of course, a coaster.

OG beach coasters
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Resin therapy

Bonnie, the 27-year-old who is currently in a post-grad existential crisis, is the resin artist behind The Jam Plan.

“I started making resin last year around May. I initially wanted to just make doll house items like little jars and cups I can fill with fake whipped cream to make tiny desserts. However, as I kept making tiny cups and cutlery, I realized I didn’t have the patience for it, so I switched from UV resin to epoxy resin,” shares Bonnie. “My first item was a 4-piece pie-cut coaster set. I gifted it to one of my closest friends and she swooned over it. I saw a lot of imperfections in it but she appreciated it nonetheless. Because of how it was received, I decided to make a smaller version of the same thing and tested how it will be received by the public. I made a galaxy coaster and promoted it on Instagram. Within a couple of hours, I sold it to someone who wanted a whole set made.”

BTS-themed galaxy coaster

In all honesty, resin became therapeutic for Bonnie, kind of a “revival” as she calls it. She wanted to take a break from her first business venture, Pana: Paaabutin, which was a mental health subscription box; and her next one, Andin Organics, which offered soaps and candles and ear savers.

“I just want a new venture that was more ‘freeing,’” Bonnie shares. “I got the idea from an episode of Friends where Monica made a lot of fruit jam to get over Richard (Season 3, Episode 3).”

Ergo, The Jam Plan. It was Bonnie’s way to get over the stresses and hung-ups of her first businesses, and find an outlet for her creative energy.

Celestial Sunset Breakfast in Bed set

Coasters and beyond

Like many budding artists now on Instagram, Bonnie has had no formal training. She’s basically winged it since day one, using trial and error and loads and loads of patience to achieve her visions.

“I think I can say I’m now an intermediate resin artist in terms of my skill, but only because I spent a lot of time perfecting my craft,” she shares.

Beauty and the Beast-themed novelty mirror

Resin art is not a walk in the park. It involves harsh chemicals and uses dangerous equipment like torch, heat gun, and rotary hand tools. In fact, Bonnie admits she’s had many run-ins with dangerous chemicals and her torch. That’s why now, she makes sure she uses full PPE gear when working, and she’s sticking with a local resin supplier with resin she’s mastered how to use.

All the effort and time she exerted into training herself has really paid off, since her works are not just beautiful—they’re also equally practical for everyday and home use. There’s a 3-tier cake stand that she made with pressed Flora Vida flowers for Marian River and Dingdong Dantes, a breathtaking beach clock born from days of experimenting with beach wave techniques, a phone holder made with what looks like gem stalagmites, and a lot of BTS-themed requests from fans.

Flora Vida 3-tier cake stand

“Our functional pieces are reminiscent of the beauty we see in nature. My inspirations come from anywhere. I remember sitting on a dentist chair one time and looking at the different shades of light on the lamp. This inspired the different variations of beach coasters and the Re-Insurgence phone stands,” Bonnie says.

Re-Insurgence phone stand
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Check out the gallery below to browse through our favorite pieces from The Jam Plan.

Next steps

When asked what are her future plans for The Jam Plan, Bonnie says: “Right now, I’m still trying to make a name for myself in the art community as an artist. I’m currently honing my skills to discover my true niche in the world as an artist.”

Custom watercolor tray and brush rinse cup

But she’s definitely letting her creative side run free, as she’s also running a sewing venture, Dinosews—which currently sells face masks—on top of The Jam Plan.

It’s just been barely a year since Bonnie started with resin and she has already progressed beyond what she first imagined, with a steadily growing follower base on Instagram. With a few more years and experience, she’s indeed poised to create some big waves in the art and business communities—resin on one hand, and her big heart and colorful ideas on the other.

All photos from The Jam Plan

Custom beach clock