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Meet the Rat’s ‘Friends’ And Welcome Them To Your Home For Good Fortune This 2020

Do you know this Chinese zodiac sign’s Allies and Secret Friend?

Chinese New Year is a good excuse to get back into your Chinese astrology readings, whether you’re a big believer or not. The Year of the Rat could be a great year for your sign, or maybe this year is a little off for you. But no matter your year of birth is or if luck isn’t in your fortune, we have ways to turn things around and make it better. Just a little bit of positivity can already attract great things!

If you feel that setting your mind into optimist mode won’t cut it, it’s good to seek help from “friends”—specifically, our zodiac friends! We have what they call ‘Allies,’ or the signs that belong to your Triangle of Affinity or San He. These are composed of mutually compatible signs with shared qualities and characteristics. And then there’s one’s ‘Secret Friend,’ who brings help and support in times of trouble.

It is said that these Allies and Secret Friend can share and improve your luck for the year. For 2020, the spotlight is on the Rat. With Dragon and Monkey as its Allies and Ox as its Secret Friend, these Chinese zodiac animals could bring you the luck that you need. And what better way to attract the good than bringing these into your home?

Here are some of our picks! For best results, place these elements in your office desk, the bedroom, or the North area of your home (the Rat’s placement location).

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