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5 Things You Can Do To Give Your Home The Cleaning It Needs While On Quarantine

Make the most out of this stay-at-home situation. Here’s how.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Spending all your time tucked inside the house can be tiresome. Lacking the usual movement we make on work days (and even on weekends!) puts unnecessary stress upon us. Lazing around, instead of giving us a boost, backfires and ends up with energy levels running low. Everything is stagnant. But then, you shouldn’t be!

Instead of letting this case of isolation depress you, we encourage you to get up on your feet—and pick up your cleaning tools! Why, it’s the perfect time to let your inner OC out, plus, spring cleaning has probably started by now, too. While a complete home makeover sounds a bit overwhelming, we’ve got some tips on how to get started minus the burden. Rally up your gear and let your own spring cleaning begin!


Make Your Home A Healthy Haven With These Disinfecting Tips

A clean and healthy home is priceless whether or not you are in quarantine. | Sidekix Media Via Unsplash
1. Begin from the top. Literally. The strategy? Go top to bottom. You wouldn’t want to sweep everything on the floor first, only to sweep again later in the day after all that ceiling dirt lands! Bring out your ladder and a microfiber duster or a rag with an all-purpose cleaner or soapy water. The front or back area of the house—your choice—is a good starting point, so you won’t lose track on which surfaces you might miss. 
Establish a daily schedule for cleaning your appliances | Sidekix Media via Unsplash
2. Your appliances come next. Take this day by day. Say today, you focus on all your kitchen appliances; the next day, the laundry room gets the cleaning spotlight. Spread your energy wisely so as not to burn yourself out from scrubbing everything all in one go.

3. Sort and wash fabrics. On another good day, eye those curtains, sheets, linens, pillow cases, carpets, and other fabrics around your house and spend a good few hours throwing them in the laundry. Replace with fresh ones, and find your home a little brighter than before.  For tips on how often you need to change these, revisit this article.
The three-step process to cleaning the bathroom: spray, scrub, rinse. Rinse twice to ensure that the bathroom is always spiffy. | Chrisitan Mackie via Unsplash
4. It’s bath(room) time. This area deserves a whole day of attention. Grab your brushes, a glass and tile cleaner, and get down to business. Spray on target areas, let it sit for a few minutes, and begin scrubbing—especially those easy-to-miss parts. Opt for a first followed by a second rinse for a thorough bathroom clean.
Scrub floors down using an all-purpose cleaner. | Unsplash
5. Take it to the floor. And the walls. And the windows! And These surfaces deserve meticulous polishing, too. Dust off dirt with a wet cloth, circling around the area to not miss a spot. If you find a stubborn grime that a simple wipe can’t remove, spot-clean using an all-purpose cleaner. When you’re done, turn on the fan to let the areas dry faster. Congratulations, you’ve made it!


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