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LOOK: Your New Closet Essential… This Appliance Refreshes and Sanitizes Your Fashion Staples Without Washing

The AirDresser by Samsung redefines clothing care and maintenance

Buying designer and luxurious clothes is a big step for any woman. These luxury purchases are a celebration of well-earned privilege. These clothing acquisitions may be a passing fancy spurred by a frivolous trend, or a guaranteed timeless classic. Either way, it is but prudent to take the best care of these designer numbers.  With the AirDresser, about to be launched by Samsung Digital Appliances, a  revolution in clothing care is guaranteed.  It is an all-in-one high-performing appliance that uses powerful air and steam to get rid of dust and germs and even sanitizes the clothes, gently dries them, and irons wrinkles, thus saving time and money.

Innovative Features

The AirDresser possesses a handful of features that keep clothes fresh all day, making it always ready to wear. The process starts off with the Jet Air and Air Hangers that release powerful air to remove stubborn dust with only minimal noise and vibration—quiet enough to be placed anywhere inside the home, including the bedroom.

Then the JetSteam sanitizes the clothes to get rid of bacteria, viruses, or allergens by infusing high-temperature steam into the fabric. It is the perfect tool for routine sterilization of clothes and many other household items such as linen and soft toys. Clothes are then dried using the Heat Pump Drying feature which gently dries clothes at a low temperature, minimizing heat damage and shrinkage. The Wrinkle Care smooths out wrinkles without ironing by using a combination of steam and air to relax the clothes. The AirDresser takes clothes to the next level with the Deodorizing Filter that freshens clothes, by breaking down the particles of odors caused by sweat, tobacco, and food. As a result, it also prevents odor to build-up inside the unit.

The AirDresser | Courtesy of Samsung

Outstanding Benefits

The lifespan of these precious clothes increases as there is less need for frequent washing which can cause damage to the delicate fabric. Fancy clothes, especially intricate and sensitive garments, can also be cared for by the AirDresser—minimizing the need for professional services such as dry cleaning.

It also has a Self-Clean technology that sanitizes the AirDresser’s interior without the use of harsh detergents. This is done by a combination of heat, air, and steam. After 40 cycles, it notifies the users whenever it needs cleaning.

The AirDresser also helps save time when it comes to chores as using the JetSteam for example, takes less time and energy than having to clean clothes with a full wash and dry cycle. Or, repeat outfits confidently without thinking about bad odors or hygiene because of the Jet Air and Air Hangers’ ability to quickly remove dust off of the clothes.

Create a smarter home with modern appliances whose ultimate goal is to make life easier and safely clean.  The AirDresser is retailed at PHP 129,995. Samsung Digital Appliances also has an ongoing Better At Home promo where up to 20% discounts can be availed. This promo runs from June 1 to August 31, 2020. 

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