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5 Ways To Create A Bedroom That Will Make You Fall Fast Asleep

Say goodbye to sleepless nights when you apply these in a bedroom outfitted with the new Samsung Digital Inverter Window Type Air Conditioner

Lately, many have also been removed from their daily rhythms by the spurts of lockdown. Some have lived a forced routine during this time, and it wasn’t all that comfortable. Imagine having to live alone, or worse, with an estranged partner as a pivot during this season. All told, sleep has suffered due to an altered daily routine. People have tended to stay more on their gadgets for entertainment and keeping in touch with family and friends who live in different time zones, disturbing their regular sleep patterns. The resulting lack of this erratic sleeping pattern and lack of sleep is undue stress.

This affects productivity at work and school as well as personal and societal relationships. One’s mood, behavior, memory and learning abilities are affected by the lack of sleep as well. Creating a bedroom for optimal levels of sleep is key to getting a full 8 hours of rest.

Prepare your bedroom for a good night’s rest with these tips:

Keep gadgets and exercise equipment out of the bedroom

Things that are associated with activity should be kept out of the bedroom. Gadgets and exercise equipment are best kept in their proper zones at home. Clear the bedroom of these in order to avoid the temptation of tinkering with them, thus preventing you from snoozing at the proper hour.

Invest in good pillows and a good mattress

Pillows and mattresses are, undoubtedly, some of the most cozy essentials to have in the bedroom. However, their appeal extends beyond the comfort they offer. They also are integral in supporting the body’s structure while sleeping. They aid in preventing and reducing the neck and back pain. Shoulder, hip, and other joint pains can also be avoided by using a good pillow and mattress, giving the body a chance to heal and restore itself during one’s precious hours of sleep.

Infuse the room with relaxing aromas

Fragrances and aromas have a transportive power. Their scents aid in one’s mood. Take, for example, lavender. Research suggests that its scent slows down the nervous system, resulting in a 20% better than average sleep. 

 Hence, the scent of lavender has been used to treat symptoms of anxiety and stress. Another naturally-occurring scent is that of chamomile. Since ancient times, chamomile has also been used to encourage relaxation, aid in depression, and facilitate sleep. Other scents that help give a good night’s rest are vanilla, jasmine, sandalwood, lemon and peppermint.

Keep noise to a minimum

Keeping a quiet environment as you sleep affects the quality of sleep greatly. Unwelcome noises result in fragmented sleep. This is associated with the body’s extra production of adrenaline, the flight and fight hormone, which keeps one on edge and awake, due to an elevated heart rate and blood pressure.

Maintain a comfortable temperature to help you cocoon with Samsung’s new Digital Inverter Window Type Air Conditioner

Recently, Samsung introduced its first-ever window type digital inverter air conditioner to the Philippine market. Its exciting features will not only help you maintain your desired temperature for optimal sleep.

Its energy saving feature will let you run your AC for longer periods, giving you the indulgence of easing into your mornings worry free, waking up at ease. It helps save as much as 61% in energy-- no need to stress about the next electric bill.

The fast cooling feature enables this air conditioner to cool the room 15% faster than its non inverter counterparts, allowing the body to relax whilst easing into the evening and eventually, falling into a state of restful sleep.

The Samsung Digital Inverter Window Type Air Conditioner’s anti-bacterial filter reduces microorganisms and mites, as well as other airborne contaminants with its silver ion, Vitamin C and anti-mite features. With this, you can sleep undisturbed by allergies. Gone are the days where you’d have to wake up to night time disturbances such as the incessant sneezing.

Ensure a good night’s rest and your own wellness by making your bedroom a sanctuary that supports your rest and relaxation. After spending your days hard at work, you deserve it!